6 Reasons Hinge Health Offers a Record 4-Week Turnkey Implementation

6 Reasons Hinge Health Offers a Record 4-Week Turnkey Implementation

When looking for a digital health program to incorporate into company benefits, a difficult implementation that requires heavy lifting is the last thing benefits leaders want. Hinge Health is one of the few digital musculoskeletal (MSK) solutions that’s ea

Published Date: Jul 14, 2020
6 Reasons Hinge Health Offers a Record 4-Week Turnkey Implementation

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When looking for a digital health program to incorporate into company benefits, an easy implementation with minimal heavy lifting is what benefits leaders prefer. As consultants get clients ready for January, 2021, it’s still possible to roll out new digital health benefits like Hinge Health’s coach-led digital care for back and joint pain. Hinge Health is one of the few digital musculoskeletal (MSK) solutions that’s easy and fast to implement with little work on the employer side. We have a track record of implementing our digital MSK solution in as little as 4 weeks. In fact, Katie Kirkland, Director of Benefits at Southern Company, a leading energy company and Hinge Health client said, “I wish all vendors could make implementation as easy as Hinge Health.” Read case study.

Hinge Health is the leading digital MSK solution. There’s a reason why 4 out of 5 employers choose Hinge Health as their digital MSK solution. We focus on the 3 pillars of best practice care: Sensor-guided exercise therapy, remote 1-on-1 health coaching, and personalized education materials led by a clinical team of physical therapists and physicians. Hinge Health’s program has consistently demonstrated better clinical outcomes and lower spend for members in 4 peer-reviewed clinical studies and over 150+ self-insured employers. With our fast and easy implementation process, it’s not too late to deliver at-home digital care to help resolve employers’ members’ back and joint pain, particularly during remote work due to COVID-19.

6 reasons employers will experience a fast and easy implementation process

Here are 6 reasons why employers will experience a fast and easy implementation process with Hinge Health.

1. Turnkey implementation process

Hinge Health has developed a turnkey implementation process with over 300+ enterprise implementations. This is what makes us unique. We do all the heavy lifting to get an employer up and running with Hinge Health. There are only two items we need from employers:

  • First, we’ll need the eligibility file with the list of members who are eligible for the Hinge Health program on their health plan, which we can obtain directly from their medical carrier.

  • The second step is to simply review and approve marketing materials developed by our Client Success team to help drive member enrollment in the program. Once employers give the marketing materials their blessing, we’ll take care of sending them out to members on their behalf, including covering all costs.

2. Direct contract via health plans

We make it simple by billing directly through health plans. We have developed partnerships with key health plans--enabling us to implement quickly. Employers can add Hinge Health through their existing contract with their health plan and avoid any lengthy contracting process. Without the need for a separate contract, employers can instead roll out Hinge Health in a matter of weeks. Our health plan partners do all the due diligence to make this process seamless and fast. To get started, ask your carrier if they partner with Hinge Health.

3. Healthcare consultant stamp of approval

We are the preferred vendor with the largest consulting houses in the U.S. because we are the only digital musculoskeletal solution with the highest level of security. We are HITRUST CSF Certified (read: At Hinge Health, Your Data is Always Secure). Not only do we offer robust security, but we also have real, data-proven outcomes and financial stability. Because top-tier consultants have given Hinge Health the stamp of approval, you can skip all the usual checks and balances required for other solutions.

4. Enterprise readiness and seamless integration

Hinge Health has implemented over 300+ enterprise implementations with many Fortune 500 companies. We know exactly what we’re doing. We aren’t learning at the cost of our customers because we’ve already perfected and proven our digital MSK solution and implementation process works. You can trust that we’re able to take care of your clients without them having to be a “guinea pig.”

5. Hinge Health Client Success takes care of all marketing and driving member enrollments

Think of Hinge Health’s Client Success team as an extension of the employer’s benefits team. As mentioned, our Client Success team does all the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing the new Hinge Health benefit internally and driving member enrollment. Our team develops the marketing materials, and all the employer has to do is review and approve them. Our team then implements all the necessary marketing campaigns by mail, social media, and email to make sure every member of the employee population is reached (even the not-so-tech-savvy ones). Similarly, we mail the program kits directly to member’s homes. Our Client Success team also makes the implementation process easy by integrating Hinge Health into the employer’s healthcare ecosystem and managing related administrative tasks. The employer doesn’t have to lift a finger. Even during this worldwide pandemic, we installed close to 2 million covered lives and got kits in the members’ hands without anyone needing to be on site. In short, even when most businesses can’t operate, we push full steam ahead.

6. Four to six-week implementation

When we say fast, we mean fast. Most solutions can’t be implemented by January 1st if they haven’t made a decision by June 1st. We can do it at 5x the speed. We usually average around 6 weeks of implementation time. In fact, we recently implemented our largest employer yet hitting a new record of 4 weeks.

New record 4-week implementation with large employer

Because of the reasons above, Hinge Health recently implemented our largest employer and hit a new record 4-week turnaround time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the large employer wanted to quickly meet a huge demand for at-home digital care for back and joint pain. They needed to get care to members as quickly as possible during an unprecedented time, and we met their needs. Because we already had an existing partnership with their health plan, we were able to implement quickly without any individual contracting required. As soon as a decision was made to partner with Hinge Health, we scheduled a kick-off meeting with the employer and health plan within a few days. The client was highly motivated and provided their member eligibility list in one week (rather than the usual one-month turnaround time). Hinge Health’s Client Success team worked in parallel by quickly developing and securing client approval for all the necessary marketing materials while obtaining the eligibility list. This meant as soon as we got the list, Hinge Health was able to launch all the marketing campaigns to drive member enrollments. In short, Hinge Health creates a seamless implementation process with the same team from launch to implementation--supporting the client and partners every step of the way.

Hinge Health provides a winning combination for employers

Hinge Health provides a winning combination for employers--a remote digital solution that tackles back and joint pain, solves a huge medical claims cost driver, and offers a turnkey implementation process. We have also demonstrated better member outcomes at lower spend with over 150+ employers, and offer an ROI guarantee. In the first large-scale MSK clinical study conducted by Stanford, University of California San Francisco, and Vanderbilt University, 10,000+ Hinge Health participants resulted in an average 69% pain reduction, 58% reduction in depression and anxiety, 2 out of 3 surgeries avoided, and medical claims savings of an average $5012 per participant/year. Read the white paper here. We’ve checked all the boxes. What’s stopping you and your clients from implementing?

We can still partner and roll out Hinge Health for your members in January 2021 or even earlier. Set up a meeting with me below and we can discuss how Hinge Health can best care for your employees.