Motion Tracking

TrueMotion™ technology sets a new standard for joint and muscle care

Members receive real-time exercise therapy guidance for greater engagement and better outcomes.

Real-time feedback for every exercise

Hinge Health uses computer vision technology, powered by AI, and motion sensors to deliver more effective and engaging exercise therapy.

Full-body guidance, powered by AI

Computer vision motion tracking provides full-body feedback. Wearable motion sensors for targeted form correction.

Confidence building technology

Computer vision’s 3-D tracking, with real-time audio and visual feedback, improves member motion quality.

Continuously personalized care

Care teams use data from each exercise session to regularly monitor and adjust care plans.

From head to toe, we've got it covered

  • Neck & Upper Back
    Reduce stress in your neck and upper back to improve your posture and range of motion.
  • Shoulders
    Relieve pain and stiffness in your shoulders to easily lift your arms and reach behind you.
  • Elbows, Forearms, Wrists & Hands
    Improve joint stability in your elbows and relieve tension to keep your wrists and hands flexible.
  • Lower Back & Hips
    Strengthen muscles from your lower back to your hips to sit, stand, and move with greater stability.
  • Pelvic region
    Reduce pelvic pain, improve bladder and bowel control, increase pelvic and core muscle strength and control.
  • Thighs & Knees
    Build strength in your thighs and knees to improve flexibility and increase your mobility.
  • Shins & Calves
    Strengthen and restore calf muscle strength to help treat and prevent shin splints and reduce pain.
  • Ankles & Feet
    Reduce pain, improve your balance, and build muscle to better support your ankles and feet.
a smiling woman, legs apart and hands pointing out in walking motion

Available to employees at 1,500+ companies

Help your workforce move beyond pain