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Struggling with joint or muscle pain?

Get access to a personalized exercise program and your own care team — and overcome joint and muscle pain.

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No matter where you have pain, we have you covered

Get expert care from head to toe.
  • Neck & Upper Back
    Reduce stress in your neck and upper back to improve your posture and range of motion.
  • Shoulders
    Relieve pain and stiffness in your shoulders to easily lift your arms and reach behind you.
  • Elbows, Forearms, Wrists & Hands
    Improve joint stability in your elbows and relieve tension to keep your wrists and hands flexible.
  • Lower Back & Hips
    Strengthen muscles from your lower back to your hips to sit, stand, and move with greater stability.
  • Thighs & Knees
    Build strength in your thighs and knees to improve flexibility and increase your mobility.
  • Shins & Calves
    Strengthen and restore calf muscle strength to help treat and prevent shin splints and reduce pain.
  • Ankles & Feet
    Reduce pain, improve your balance, and build muscle to better support your ankles and feet.
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Programs built on science. Care handled with heart.

Whether your pain is intense or moderate, persistent or comes and goes, get care you can count on.

A care plan designed for you

Low-impact exercises prescribed just for you right in the Hinge Health app.

An expert team in your corner

1-on-1 support from your personal health coach or physical therapist, helping you meet the goals you care about most.

Exercise that works with your busy life

Do your sessions anytime, at home or anywhere you’re comfortable - all right from your phone.

See what people just like you think of Hinge Health

Tested and proven to deliver strong results

Clinical studies show that Hinge Health helps members relieve their back and joint pain, improve their mental wellbeing, and avoid surgery.¹

Getting started is easy

Tell us about yourself
Complete a 10-minute questionnaire to open your account and tell us about your experience with pain. Once your account is approved, you can log into the app.
Help us build your care plan
Download the Hinge Health app and log in to your account. Then, do a few exercises so we can learn about your pain. This allows us to design the right care plan to help you do more every day, with less pain.
Start your program
And start feeling better. As your pain improves, so does your care plan—with new exercises and tools to help you move with confidence.


Is there really no cost to use Hinge Health? How?

Who is eligible to join? What do I have to do to join?

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