Proven Back and Joint Pain Care
See why 4 in 5 Employers with a digital musculoskeletal solution choose Hinge Health
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Hinge Health's back and joint pain care programs are based on proven guidelines and conveniently delivered digitally. Hinge Health is available to over 3 million members.
Musculoskeletal (MSK) Conditions are the #1 Cost Driver for the US Health System

Clinical research shows that conservative care results in better long-term patient outcomes. But most patients do not get the care they need, instead turning to elective surgeries and drugs.
Have a MSK condition such as chronic back, knee, hip, and neck pain
Don't receive evidence-based care
Is driven by overuse of expensive surgery and drugs
Hinge Health Delivers Best-Practice Care that Improves Chronic Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

As a replacement to surgery and drugs, Hinge Health pioneered Digital Care Pathways for chronic back and joint pain to conveniently deliver the 3 pillars of evidence-based care:
Exercise Therapy
Exercise Therapy
Wearable sensors and tablet for real-time feedback and tracking
Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health
Unlimited 1-on-1 coaching to boost member engagement
Personalized & interactive curriculum to empower better member choices
Proven Clinical Outcomes at Scale

Hinge Health has demonstrated MSK medical claims reduction. We're the only solution with 4 peer-reviewed publications and we put 100% of our fees at risk with an ROI guarantee.

Hinge Health's outcomes from the world's largest digital MSK cohort study (N=10,264):1
Each Participant's Average Pain Reduction
Each Participant's Average Pain Reduction
That's 4x more pain reduction compared to opioids1,2
Depression & Anxiety Score Reduction
Depression & Anxiety Score Reduction
Reducing chronic MSK pain improved mental health
2 in 3 Surgeries Avoided
2 in 3 Surgeries Avoided
Hinge Health replaced 
hundreds of unneeded surgeries
For Employers & Health Plans

Tackle high MSK spend while improving employees’ lives.
quotation mark
Hinge Health exceeded our expectations with ease of implementation and member engagement.
Sr. Director Health & Welfare Plans for US Foods
Joe Toniolo
For Individuals

Join thousands of people who have conquered back or joint pain.
"I would recommend the program unconditionally over surgery."
Knee program participant
"I was on Naproxen and walking with a limp. That's all gone now."
Knee program participant
"I can now do my job and play with my kids – without fear of pain."
Back program participant


  1. Bailey, et al. (2020) Efficacy and Scalability of a Digital Care Program
  2. Sehgal, et al. (2013) Chronic Pain Treatment with Opioids Analgesics

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