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August 22nd, 2019  by  Dave Doolin, PhD – Head of Operations Engineering

Hinge Health’s HITRUST CSF Certification means you can trust your information is always protected.

Earlier this month, Hinge Health demonstrated a commitment to security by becoming the only digital musculoskeletal (MSK) solution to meet best-practice data security and safety standards by earning HITRUST CSF certified status. Let me share why the Hinge Health team has been dedicated to meeting HITRUST CSF certification:

Hannah took a deep breath, tightened her core, lifted one foot over the other, and walked up 10 stairs without pause. Four months ago, Hannah couldn’t make it up the stairs without severe pain. Hannah is a current participant in the Hinge Health knee program who has struggled with chronic pain for years. When she started the program she worked with a health coach to set goals and make a commitment to herself to do everything she could to avoid surgery. Three times a week, Hannah straps on wearable sensors, completes 15 minutes of sensor-guided exercise therapy, and works with her health coach to evaluate what she has accomplished and what else she can achieve.

In this case, data empowers Hannah’s health coach to motivate Hannah and help her achieve the best outcomes. What Hannah doesn’t see, is the dedicated software engineers, security specialists and compliance experts that are working everyday to ensure data safety and integrity for her and all of Hinge Health’s participants and partners. It is important for digital health companies to go above and beyond to protect personal health information (PHI) and ensure data is safe and secure. Prioritizing solutions committed to demonstrating the highest level of security best practices provides assurance for employers and health plans that health information is always protected.

HITRUST CSF Certification means we keep your data safe

The Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance is a privately held company led and managed by reputable leaders in the healthcare industry. Their mission is to standardize a set of common security practices known as the Common Security Framework (CSF).

Earning HITRUST CSF certification requires providing evidence for hundreds of specific controls. This evidence is then scrutinized by an independent HITRUST CSF assessor, and checked against policies and procedures to ensure compliance in handling sensitive healthcare data. Hinge Health’s HITRUST certification ensures that our controls are defined following industry-standard best practices at all levels of the company.


We invest in security to build trust for participants and partners

For Hinge Health participants, this means that personal health information (PHI) is being protected through encyption and data access is restricted to only relevant personnel, ensuring maximum security and safety of the data. In addition, all of the data is stored and accessed in the US and all health coaches and engineers that work with PHI data are based in the US.

For Hinge Health partners, this means that Hinge Health is enterprise ready. Third-party experts have verified that information is safe, secure, and managed according to the highest level of security best practices.

As data security continues to be top of mind for businesses, digital health companies need to go above and beyond to ensure data is safe and secure. Hinge Health’s achievement of HITRUST certification means that participants and partners can trust that their information is always protected.

To learn more, visit our Security page to learn more about why the nation’s largest employers trust Hinge Health to deliver the highest standard of data protection and read the press release on Hinge Health’s recent achievement of HITRUST certified status.

Dave Doolin, PhD
About the Author

Dave is Hinge Health’s Head of Operations Engineering. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree and Master of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Tennessee followed by earning his PhD in Civil Engineering at UC Berkeley. Specializing in software systems design and build, Dave ensures Hinge Health’s data security is top notch.


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