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Hinge Health Announces Major Advancements to its Women’s Pelvic Health Program

Hinge Health Announces Major Advancements to Its Women’s Pelvic Health Program

Hinge Health releases findings from the Women’s Pelvic Health program; pioneers four new clinical program experiences

Published Date: Mar 28, 2023
Hinge Health Announces Major Advancements to its Women’s Pelvic Health Program

SAN FRANCISCO, Mar. 28, 2023 – Hinge Health, the leading digital clinic for joint and muscle pain, today announced four unique clinical experiences as part of its Women’s Pelvic Health program to address the needs of each pelvic floor condition and individual woman.

With these customized approaches to care, Hinge Health is continuing to redefine pelvic health care for women — building out a comprehensive program that represents the largest community with access to digital pelvic care in the U.S. 

The four new experiences in the Women’s Pelvic Health program enable targeted clinical care; and each individual’s care plan is further customized to their needs. Each experience has tailored exercise therapy, a distinct education library, varied clinical approaches, and a care team composed of pelvic health physical therapists, board-certified women's health coaches, and urogynecologist support for care escalations. 

The four clinical experiences are:

  • Pregnancy and postpartum: dynamically tailored to the individual’s week of gestation, addressing common musculoskeletal (MSK) symptoms associated with prenatal and postpartum life stages 

  • Bladder control: combining exercise therapy and brain science to alleviate urge incontinence

  • Pelvic pain: focusing on the mind-body connection to relax and control pelvic muscles to relieve symptoms such as pain with intercourse and chronic pelvic pain

  • Pelvic strength: strengthening pelvic muscles to improve conditions such as prolapse and urinary incontinence 

“Because pelvic floor disorders vary greatly and are experienced differently based on a number of factors, including life stage and comorbidities, having a completely tailored program impacts results,” said Inessa Lurye, senior director of product and head of women’s health program, Hinge Health. “After facing extreme stigma and limited access to care, our hope is that women experiencing pelvic floor disorders see their unique care needs represented in our Women’s Pelvic Health program.”

Hinge Health first launched the Women’s Pelvic Health program in April 2022 with a focus on comprehensive pelvic care delivered through a single platform for all MSK care. Individuals from initial clients, including Land O'Lakes, Citizens, and Salesforce, have been able to experience accessible, stigma-free care from the comfort of their homes. Data shows strong program engagement with an average pain reduction of 66% and an average symptom reduction of 55% after 12 weeks. Members even experienced an average 29% reduction in pain and symptoms in just the first 3 weeks of care. 

Hear how Margaret got her life back with the Women's Pelvic Health program

Hear how Margaret got her life back with the Women's Pelvic Health program

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