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Hinge Health launches physical therapy house calls

In-home physical therapy complements Hinge Health's digital musculoskeletal care, delivering on the vision of creating a health care system built around each person’s needs 

Published Date: Jan 10, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 10, 2023 – Today, Hinge Health, the musculoskeletal solution chosen by 4 in 5 employers and health plans, expands its clinical capabilities with the launch of a physical therapy house call service. Starting in Chicago, followed by a nationwide rollout, it will be the nation’s first fully integrated model for musculoskeletal (MSK) health that combines digital with in-person care. The introduction of house calls exemplifies the company’s vision of creating a health care system built around each person’s needs.

Digital care has eliminated wait times and increased access to high-quality care for millions globally. Yet many Americans – from Gen Z to retirees – prefer complementing a digital experience with in-person visits. This is especially true for back, joint, or muscle pain, where in-person evaluations can substantially enhance downstream digital care. 

In response, Hinge Health is launching physical therapy house calls to complement its digital care and ensure no member needs to compromise on access, convenience, quality, or comfort.  Hinge Health house calls will offer in-person physical therapy with the following benefits:  

  • Convenient access and scheduling. Visits at home or the workplace with next-day, evening, and weekend appointments – avoiding delays, commutes, and missed work. 

  • In-person assessment. Physical and environmental assessments, hands-on therapy, and guided digital setup enhance care while building member confidence.

  • Single provider for coordinated care. Digital and in-person care seamlessly provided by Hinge Health’s care team.

  • Improved health equity. Address social determinants of health by removing technology and transportation barriers. 

“As the market leader in MSK care, it’s incumbent on us to transform the member experience by challenging the status quo,” said Daniel Perez, co-founder and CEO, Hinge Health. “Integrating digital and in-person care is a leap forward in bridging care gaps and reimagining a healthcare model that works for everyone.” 

“Hinge Health is already one of our most engaging and impactful healthcare partners,” said Matthew Harmon, vice president of compensation, benefits, HR systems, and customer satisfaction at AutoZone. “House calls will enable us to deliver high-quality MSK care to even more AutoZoners, by meeting them where they are and by combining the benefit of an at-home in-person experience with the convenience and consistency of a proven digital care program.” 

“As a physician, I’m thrilled with the improved access, convenience, and granular outcomes digital care provides,” said Dr. DJ Kennedy M.D., professor and chair of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. “By thoughtfully blending in-person interactions with digital care, Hinge Health is closing key gaps in both care models.” 

“With 1,250 enterprise customers and access to 25 million members, we’re entering an exciting phase of our evolution as a company,” said Christine Lui Chen, senior vice president of marketing at Hinge Health. “The launch of a PT house-call service ushers in a new era of our brand promise that enables members to go beyond pain and embrace movement as a way of life.”

About Hinge Health

Hinge Health is creating a new health care system, built around you. Accessible to 25 million members across 1,250 customers, Hinge Health is the #1 digital clinic for joint and muscle pain, delivering superior member outcomes and proven claims reductions. We pair the industry’s most advanced motion technology and wearable pain relief with a complete clinical care team of physical therapists, physicians, and board-certified health coaches to help people move beyond pain and reduce surgeries and opioid use. Hinge Health’s HingeConnect integrates with 1 million+ in-person providers to enable earlier interventions for avoidable MSK surgeries. Four in five health plans and employers with a digital MSK solution trust Hinge Health, including AutoZone, Land O’Lakes, L.L. Bean, Salesforce, Self-Insured Schools of California, Southern Company, State of New Jersey, US Foods, and Verizon. Learn more at