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Committed to reflecting our communities

Pride ERG posing before parade

At Hinge Health, we’re committed to building and strengthening a work environment that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

Our commitment to DEI starts at the top with our founders, including our CEO Dan Perez — one of the few Latino CEOs of a US tech startup. Through our diversity of thought, experience, and insight, we strive to create an inclusive slate of products and services that can reach the most people and do the most good.

We’ve taken meaningful steps to infuse diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything we do.

Commitment to DE&I

DEI Network

Solicit regular feedback from our DEI Council that represents different parts of the business on how we can make interactions with our People, Product, Partnerships & Participants (coaches & users) more inclusive and equitable.

Inclusive by design

We embrace inclusive design in the development of our product; our goal is to create a product that can be used by the most people to do the most good by mitigating MSK pain and preventing unneeded surgeries.

Invest at all levels, including the top

Hired a Head of DEI to work with employees direction on DEI matters and ensure that we are leveraging best practices for DEI in how we treat each other and how we develop our product & services.

Start with job postings

Proactively review our recruiting process to ensure job postings use inclusive language and that we are innovative in our searches so we can find the highly qualified candidates that are representative of our diverse user base.

Life-long learners

Provide quarterly DEI training on a variety of topics including unconscious bias, allyship, unbiased performance management & inclusive leadership for all employees.

Actions, not just words

Provide scholarship funding for underrepresented groups through a grant to Duke University’s Health Coaching Program.

Employee Resource Groups

Bob Garcia, Head of DE&I
We are committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels they belong and believes in providing equity in MSK pain solutions to those who need them.