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Aches and Pains? How Enso Can Help With Everyday Discomforts

Learn how Enso, a pain relief device from Hinge Health, can help with muscle soreness and everyday aches and pains.

Published Date: May 15, 2024
Women gardening with an enso device on

Think Enso is just for when you have a lot of pain? Think again.

Sure, Enso — a wearable pain relief device from Hinge Health — is great for high pain days or managing persistent pain. But Enso can help with less severe pain, too. Think: muscle soreness or everyday aches and pains. 

What Is Enso, Exactly?

Enso is a wearable TENS device: safe and effective, FDA-cleared, and specially designed to reduce pain in your muscles. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which is a fancy way of saying that Enso delivers safe impulses through your skin that work on your nervous system to reduce pain.

How Enso Can Help

Enso can help you manage mild pain from sore or aching muscles due to exercise or common daily activities. Enso’s intensity is adjustable, so you can use a lower setting for everyday discomfort — and dial up the intensity when your pain is more severe. Plus, Enso is wireless and portable — so you can use it at any time of day during most activities. Need some ideas?

  • Planning a workout? Use Enso before or after exercise to make movement easier and alleviate muscle tension or soreness.

  • Got chores to tackle? Use Enso before, during, or after activities that tend to aggravate your pain — like gardening, vacuuming, or doing dishes.

  • Woke up stiff or sore? Try an Enso session to relieve common morning discomforts.

  • Have to sit or stand for long periods? Use Enso to ease stiffness that can come from staying in one position for an extended period of time.

Enso’s not just for severe or longstanding pain. Whether it's a minor irritation or more persistent discomfort, Enso can be your go-to solution for pain management. Try Enso today and feel the difference.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply click here.

Still have questions about Enso's safety and effectiveness, how to use Enso, or simply how to get started? We're here to help. To talk to a member of our support team, call us at 1-855-902-2777 or email help@hingehealth.com.

Read the user manual before using Enso for complete information about indications, instructions for use, warnings, and precautions.