Empowering movement with new product experiences

By Daniel Perez, Co-Founder and CEO

Published Date: Oct 9, 2023

We’re excited to share some new ways we’re empowering people to move beyond pain by transforming the way pain is treated and prevented. 

We’re making the Hinge Health digital exercise therapy experience even more useful for members, including launching a new program to help seniors prevent falls and expanding our  TrueMotion™ technology for computer-vision based exercise guidance. 

Fall Prevention: Empowering Seniors to Move with Confidence

Older adults face unique health risks, especially with falls. According to the US CDC, three million older adults are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries each year, costing over $50 billion in medical treatments. Many falls can cause serious injuries with long-term consequences, making it hard for older adults to do everyday activities or stay in their homes. That said, falls can be prevented with solutions custom-built for enhancing balance in older adults. 

With Hinge Health’s new Fall Prevention Program, we’re making it simple for older adults to adopt the best evidence-based multifaceted approach to prevent falls. In the program, we’re offering adults over 65 years of age a personalized experience focused on improving balance, strength, dual-tasking ability, and fall prevention knowledge with a targeted digital program. 

The program includes access to a care team of physical therapists, board-certified health coaches, and physicians trained to serve seniors. In addition, we know that some older adults may be less comfortable with digital care or have mobility issues preventing them from visiting in-person providers. In these cases, we have the ability to provide House Calls to members who live in eligible locations who may need extra support as they start their programs. 

We’re taking all of the guesswork out of getting older adults moving, preventing fall risk, and helping people get back to doing more of what they love each day. 

TrueMotion™ technology: Unlocking new motion tracking capabilities 

Advancements in technology are accelerating the level of care we can provide our members. Over the past two years, we’ve been working to develop more robust motion tracking to further enhance the capabilities members have access to in their Hinge Health exercise therapy program. 

Our proprietary TrueMotion™ technology unlocks new motion tracking capabilities to precisely measure exercise movements that are complex, small, or in multiple parts of the body for the 75% of our members experiencing pain in more than one area of the body. Through the camera on a personal device, it uses computer vision to detect 87 reference points across the body without the need of any specialized equipment. AI interprets the images to provide instant, personalized feedback so members feel like a PT is guiding them to improve their form anywhere they are doing their exercises. These insights are also shared with our physical therapists to help gauge how a member is doing and further personalize their care. 

Today, our members benefit from TrueMotion enabled exercise therapy for foot, ankle, elbow, wrist, and hand indications, and we’re announcing today that by early 2024 we’ll have TrueMotion enabled across all of our chronic indications which includes back, hip, knee, shoulder, neck, elbow, wrist, hand, foot, and ankle. 

What’s Next?

Pain is complex, and we know that there’s so much more to be done when it comes to helping members move beyond pain. That’s why we are constantly thinking ahead and innovating to make our treatment programs even more effective and useful. In the past year, we’ve added in-person care options (House Calls) for people who may need more support in getting started with a digital program and prefer an in-person visit at the beginning of their care. And we’re not stopping there. 

Our goal is to help people with any type of musculoskeletal pain, whether they sprained an ankle walking the dog one afternoon or have suffered from chronic back pain for years. There’s dramatic room for improvement at every point of a person’s pain care journey - from advising people on adopting healthy habits, to helping them navigate specialists and imaging centers, and to ensuring that surgeries (when they are absolutely needed) are handled by the most effective and capable surgeons possible. These areas of care clamor for fresh thinking. At Hinge Health we’re passionate about innovation, about going beyond the current state of digital care to address every aspect of musculoskeletal care with advanced technology, the deepest clinical knowledge, and the most capable clinicians.