Introducing the Hinge Health Enso

Groundbreaking wearable technology for lasting pain relief
Enso app on a mobile phone

Address musculoskeletal pain without drugs or surgery

The Hinge Health Enso is the most advanced technology for electrical nerve stimulation. In the past, non-invasive forms of electrical stimulation delivered low frequency impulses that provided limited pain relief. In contrast, high-frequency pulse devices deliver more immediate and long-lasting relief, but historically required surgical implantation. Enso is a non-invasive, non-addictive wearable technology relieving pain for thousands of members by delivering electrical impulses that includes high frequency components.

Only Hinge Health has Enso for wearable, lasting pain relief

Hinge Health is the only digital MSK solution with a wearable pain relief device, offered at no cost to our customers. Enso has been used by 7,000+ people from ASO employers, the U.S. Department of Defense, Workers' Compensation, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs.
Man stretching with tablet and Enso on his leg

Enso is helping thousands reduce pain and opioid use

Meet Stephanie. See her personal journey with MSK pain and her desire to reduce her dependence on medication. By adding Enso to her pain management Stephanie has been able to focus on enjoying life, with less pain and opioids.

Enso's outcomes1,2

Decreasing graph line with data points

Average pain reduction per
Enso participant

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Improvement in
walking function

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Improvement in
Timed Up-&-Go scores

  1. Amirdelfan et. al. (2020). Feasibility randomized control study with follow-up at 4 weeks, N=36.
  2. Sehgal et al. (2013) demonstrated opioids had an average 15% pain reduction for osteoarthritis. Studies have not directly compared pain relief of Enso and opioids.