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Hinge Health offers app-based digital programs to help participants reduce back and joint pain and get back to doing the things they love. Our programs are available to employees and dependents with primary insurance coverage under a participating employer’s health plan.

We are a completely free health benefit provided by your employer who delivers everything you need to conquer your chronic pain from home. By equipping you with a tablet and wearable sensors and connecting you with your own personal health coach, you’ll decrease your pain through self-guided exercise therapy sessions at your own pace.

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Hinge Health has taken the three pillars of effective, non-surgical preventative care; education, exercise therapy, and behavioral therapy, and digitized them to provide easy access to a curated program that delivers lasting results and long-term, sustainable behavior change.

Program elements are delivered through mobile and sensor technology. Eligible members who enroll in the program receive a kit that includes a tablet with the Hinge Health application pre-loaded onto it and the sensors pre-paired to the tablet. Coaching and Physical Therapy is delivered through live phone calls, SMS, email, and through the Hinge Health Application. Throughout the entire program, the member has unlimited access to the exercise therapy programs, educational articles, and their health coach.

  • All hardware (advanced motion sensors, enabled and preloaded tablet, wearable pain management technology where clinically needed, etc)
  • All in one app software
  • 1:1 video PT sessions with a dedicated PT and a dedicated health coach
  • Member education and behavioral health support
  • Kit equipment including exercise bands, chargers, and yoga mat

Click below to begin the application process. We’ll ask you about your pain and other medical conditions to make sure we’re a good fit. This entire process only takes about 10 minutes.

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Our Prevention Program is delivered through the Hinge Health app. It is job-type specific, covering 90% of job types in America. It includes key stretching and strengthening activities and education around injury prevention.


Our Acute Program covers all muscle groups and joint areas, and includes access to 1:1 video physical therapy sessions for 12 months, as well as member education and digital exercise therapy in the Hinge Health app. Your physical therapist will also:

  • help you learn healthy and active ways to cope with your pain and injury
  • help you build confidence and self-efficacy so you can move more and return to meaningful activities faster
  • encourage safe movement and exercise to decrease fear or avoidance of movement in your daily life as you recover from an injury
  • help you set meaningful goals, and collaborate with you to build a realistic plan to reach those goals


We set you up with your own personal care team and mail you a kit at no cost with a tablet and sensors. The sensors will allow you to follow the exercises displayed on the tablet, showing you how to move and adjust your body in real-time. The programs are made up of 15 minute playlists that you work through 3 times per week, are tailored to your abilities and pain, and adapt as you continue to improve. Your care team consists of a personal physical therapist and board certified health coach. They will help tailor the program to you, support you and help keep you accountable to reach your goals.


Our Surgery Program covers pre/post surgical rehab for the most common back and joint surgeries. We set you up with your own personal care team and mail you a kit at no cost with a tablet and sensors. The sensors will allow you to follow the exercises displayed on the tablet, showing you how to move and adjust your body in real-time. Your care team consists of a personal physical therapist and board certified health coach. They will help tailor the program to you, support you and help keep you accountable to reach your goals. Your dedicated physical therapist will review your care plan and can share the care plan with your surgeon. Your surgeon has the final say on your overall care plan.

On average, our participants reduce their pain by more than 60%. In addition, 90% of Hinge Health participants say they’re now less likely to pursue surgery as an option for pain relief than before.

Virtually all major medical bodies, including the CDC and American Orthopedic Association, recommend exhausting non-surgical treatments for chronic pain before considering surgery, as many studies have shown that these can dramatically reduce pain.

You can see our proven outcomes here!

We encourage participants to complete a 15-minute Hinge Health daily playlist at least 3 days per week for best results.

Employees and family members on an elligible health plan through your employer health plan are eligible. You will go through a clinical questionnaire to make sure our program is the right fit.

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We're here to help. For live support, call Hinge Health Support at (855)902-2777 on Monday - Friday, 9am to 9pm EST. You can also send an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Hinge Health members enrolled in our Chronic and Surgery programs are matched with a personal Health Coach. Your Health Coach is an expert in building healthy habits, managing persistent pain, exercise therapy, and achieving wellness goals. They will be there for support every step of the way to help you overcome obstacles, celebrate your successes, and help you build consistency in your program.

Yes, your coach is a real human being! Our coaches are all professionally qualified, passionate about helping people achieve their wellness goals, and located across the United States.

Your Health Coach will communicate with you primarily through text message, with phone calls and emails as needed. You can let your coach know if you would like more, less, or a different type of communication at any time.

Yes, we currently are able to offer Spanish services. If you’d prefer to be matched with a Spanish speaking Health Coach, please email or call 855-902-2777 and let us know.

Hinge Health is an app-based digital program available for download in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Depending which Hinge Health program is right for you based on the answers you provided in your application, you may also receive a kit with additional equipment. There is no cost to you for the Hinge Health kit and it is yours to keep.

If the program you are in includes a tablet, kits are shipped within 7 days of a member being accepted into the program.

The Hinge Health app is supported on most Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. To download the app on your device, search for Hinge Health in the App Store or Google Play Store.

How to install the mobile app

Hinge Health is a digital program requiring a smartphone with cellular data or periodic access to a wireless network. Internet connection on your device is required to sign in to the Hinge Health app, install the latest updates, and help your Care team track your progress throughout the program.

Settings > Internet > WiFi and then select your network, enter your password, and tap CONNECT

Settings > Network & internet > WLAN on > Tap Not connected > Select network, enter your password, and tap CONNECT

Sign in to the Hinge Health app on your device, gather any additional materials you may have received for your program, and complete the 15-minute in-app guided setup.

You could be seeing this message if you have more than one Hinge Health account or applied to the program with more than one email address. If you're not sure which email address to use to log in, contact Hinge Health Support at (855) 902-2777 on weekdays from 9am to 9pm EST, or send an email to

You're seeing this message because your device is not connected to the internet. Connect to a wireless network and then try again. For one-on-help support, contact Hinge Health Support at (855) 902-2777 on weekdays from 9am to 9pm EST or send an email to

The Hinge Health app is now available on your personal phone or tablet. The mobile app works with or without your sensors and includes everything you'll find on your tablet, plus:

  • Improved performance: Faster app loading and more reliable sensor connection
  • Push notifications: Set reminders in the app to help you stay active
  • Greater portability: All you need to stay active is your phone and sensors
  • Background app updates: Get the latest app improvements automatically

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Your daily playlist is the set of activities we encourage you to complete when you sign in to your Hinge Health app. Your playlist weaves together all the elements of the Hinge Health program that help you achieve better musculoskeletal health: personalized exercise therapy, one-on-one behavioral support, and accessible educational content that you can apply in your everyday life. Find your playlist on the home screen of your Hinge Health app.

The Hinge Health app detects the position of your sensors to provide real-time movement feedback during exercise therapy, helping you maintain proper form and get the most out of your exercises. Your sensors do not track your location, collect other health information, or provide movement feedback outside of the app. Sensors connect to your device through the Hinge Health app using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

After entering exercise therapy, the app will guide you through powering on, positioning, and setting up your sensors. Once you're all set up, follow the on-screen guidance and move your body to bring the motion bar on your screen into the exercise target zone. Once you've reached the correct position, the exercise target zone will turn green and an exercise rep countdown timer will begin. Hold your position until the timer expires and the app guides you to complete the next exercise rep.

Wearing your sensors during exercise therapy gives you real-time audio and and on-screen feedback in real time. With this feedback, it's easier to know that you're completing your exercises properly.

You can complete Hinge Health exercise therapy with or without your sensors. You'll complete all the same exercises and earn the same points towards unlocking the next program level whether or not you use your sensors. In sensorless mode the app guides you through exercise therapy with an automatic countdown timer.

Begin a new exercise therapy session in the app with the 'Exercise with sensors' switch toggled on and follow the directions to connect your sensors. Your sensors are designed to connect directly through the Hinge Health app and will not pair successfully from your device settings screen.

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution to tackling musculoskeletal pain. Contact your Care Team or Hinge Health Support for help customizing your program to meet your needs.

You may see this message due to low sensor battery life. Plug in your sensors to check the charge; if your sensors blink or flash while plugged in, leave them to charge until the lights switch to a steady white. Sensor connection can also fail due to your device settings; enable Bluetooth and location services on your device and then return to the app to reattempt sensor connection.

1. Check sensor battery life

Low sensor battery life can impact sensor performance and make it difficult to use your sensors to complete your exercises. Check the battery life on your sensors by plugging them in to the charging equipment. If your sensors blink or flash when you plug them in, leave them to charge until they display a steady white light indicating they are fully charged.

2. Reset your sensors

Unpairing from and re-pairing your sensors to the app acts as a reset for your sensors. Exit your exercise therapy session and tap ‘Account’ in the bottom right hand side of the screen. Select ‘Unpair sensors' and confirm your selection when prompted. Begin a new exercise therapy with ‘Exercise with sensors’ toggled on and follow the steps to reconnect your sensors to the app.

3. Check sensor positioning

The Hinge Health app detects your body position using the position of your sensors. Confirm you're wearing your sensors as shown in the app to ensure your movements are tracked accurately. Fasten sensor straps snugly over form-fitting clothing or your bare skin to prevent your sensors from shifting out of position as you complete your exercises.

2. Keep your Hinge Health app up-to-date for best performance

Check for available app updates by opening the ‘Account’ tab in the lower right corner of the Hinge Health app and scrolling down to ‘App version.’ If you see ‘Update available’ next to your listed app version, set aside a few minutes before your next session to install the latest version of the app and take advantage of all the latest features and improvements.

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