Your Hinge Health Roadmap

Welcome to Hinge Health! We’re excited to support your journey to reduce pain and feel better with our proven program — designed by our clinical team of orthopedic and pain management doctors, physical therapists, and behavior change specialists.

Have some questions about what’s next? We thought you might, so let’s talk.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Do your first exercise therapy session. You will soon receive a free kit in the mail that includes a tablet and motion sensors to help you perform your exercises correctly. Once your kit arrives, open it and sign in to the Hinge Health app using your cell phone number (or the same email address and password you used to access this article). You’ll then be guided step by step through your first session, which will take about 15 minutes.

  • Be consistent. Our physical therapists recommend completing at least three sessions in your app each week. (If you can do it daily, even better.) Research shows this is the best way to build a habit and see results. This will help reduce your pain and return to your favorite activities.

Each Hinge Health session includes a 10- to 15-minute playlist: a gentle exercise therapy routine + a short educational article.

Your Hinge Health care team will be there to support you for every step of your journey. So let’s meet the team.

Who’s on My Care Team?

  • Your health coach is your co-pilot throughout our program. They are trained in the science of behavior change and will help you establish healthy habits and navigate barriers to lower your pain and reach your goals. For more about what to expect from your health coach, read Introduction to Coaching.

  • Your physical therapist is your movement specialist, who will design and modify the exercises in your personalized plan.

The members of your care team will work together to support you and help you stick with your program. Remember: Consistency is key!

We recognize that using a digital tool to treat your pain may be new, but it works. Hundreds of members tell us every day how Hinge Health has relieved their pain and changed their lives. Our data shows that members on average experience nearly a 70% reduction in pain and nearly a 60% decrease in depression and anxiety.

You’ll hear more from your care team soon. If you need support before then, text them at 1-833-418-0909. In the meantime, get ready to start feeling better — by making Hinge Health your habit.

Additional Program Information


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