Tips for Telehealth

Your upcoming session is a 1:1 evaluation with a doctor of physical therapy done remotely over video call. During this call, your PT will discuss your challenges, goals, and options to get a full understanding of your needs. A video visit is always secure and confidential. After your visit, your PT will send an after visit summary.

Have an end goal in mind

Having a goal in mind when speaking to a provider is very helpful in the visit. Your goal can range from something as specific as walking across the kitchen without pain to something as broad as having a good night’s sleep. Having this goal helps us build understanding on what you’re looking to achieve and how we might personalize your journey to success.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

Your provider is there to help you understand and clear up any questions or doubts you may have. We firmly believe there’s no bad questions, and we encourage you to ask them.

Here are some of the questions our team things you should ask about

  • What are your goals beyond just pain relief? What would you like to get back to?

  • What are you looking forward to getting back to in the next month? What about the next few months?

Share your progress with your provider

Our PT team would like to communicate your progress directly with your primary care provider. If you have your provider’s information, please share with us:

  • My primary care provider is ____

  • Their clinic location is ___

  • The fax number is __

We’re here for you

In order for our team to best help you achieve your goal, we ask that you are honest with us. Do not be afraid to share how much pain, and how much time you can realistically give to this program. We will never share this information with your employer. Once again, there’s no right or wrong answer, our team is here to help and will adjust to both these things.