Three Solutions When Motivation Is Low

Some days are more challenging than others. It's easy to procrastinate when you feel overwhelmed and end up feeling paralyzed. But even small steps can help you move toward your goals. Sometimes all it takes is accomplishing just one positive thing in your day to build forward momentum. Take a look at these ideas and pick one or two that seem manageable for you.

Roll With It

Sometimes not wanting to do anything is your body and brain's way of asking for a break. Without judgement, allow yourself a guilt-free hour or day to not do anything. Then regroup and ask yourself, What CAN I do? Can I step outside and take one deep breath? Can I listen to my favorite song? Can I make the bed? Can I stretch my body for five minutes? No matter what your answer is, give yourself the space you need to recharge, and shift focus to what is possible right now.

Get an Accountability Buddy

Once you've made a commitment to completing a task, ask a friend (or your coach) to help you stay accountable to this small goal. Knowing someone is supporting you and will be checking in might be reason enough to follow through on your goal today. Even Hinge Health coaches utilize accountability buddies to support their success with movement goals.

Reflect and Celebrate Yourself

Now that you've accomplished this small goal, take time to notice how it made you feel. Did making your bed today bring a sense of calm in the chaos? Did those five minutes of stretching help you to sleep better? Focus on how the positive change supported you and celebrate you were able to do it.

It's normal for overwhelm to take over and motivation to wane. Recognize you are only human, and it is okay if some days you don't feel as motivated. By getting the bed made and crossing off even one item on your "to do" list, it will help you feel a sense of accomplishment, and contribute to more positive action.