Tapping Into Your Strengths For a Better Day

Visualization can be a powerful tool in setting and reaching your goals. When you dream about being the best version of yourself, what do you see? What do you need to achieve to get there?

These are big questions and it helps to have some guidance when considering this vision for yourself. So here are a few ways you can start thinking about being your best self:

  • What are three words that describe the best version of you? (Maybe words like “strong,” “active,” or “calm” come to mind.)

  • Think back to a time when you overcame something tough. What are three words or phrases that describe the strengths you exhibited to get through that time. (Consider words like "faith," "determination," or "friendships.")

  • Think about where you are in your health and pain management journey right now. Then complete the following phrases on a piece of paper or in a journal:

If I used my ............ to improve my health or pain levels right now, it would help me ............. (E.g. "If I used my support system to improve my health right now, it would help me remember that I'm never alone.")

If I remember ............, I can assure myself that I'm on the right track to feeling/being ............ again. (E.g. active, calm, supported, stronger, happier.)

You can now use these phrases as a recipe for progress. Practice repeating, writing, or meditating on the sentences you created above.

Your coach is a great person to share your recipe for success with. Try telling your coach what your recipe is in a health log note in your Hinge Health app so they can root for you too!