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Leaking urine. Painful sex. Talking about these conditions can feel awkward or embarrassing, but our pelvic floor physical therapists can help. A short video visit can make a big difference in your care.

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Personalized, Practical, Private

Why book a video visit with a Hinge Health pelvic floor PT? You’ll get a better understanding of your symptoms, personalize your program, and get tips to soothe your symptoms — all from the privacy of your home, all for free.

What Exactly Happens During a Video Visit?

Meeting with a pelvic floor PT offers you the most personalized Hinge Health experience. You can:

✔ Get a physical assessment

  • Your PT can do a whole-body movement assessment to check your strength, coordination, endurance — and adjust your care plan accordingly.

✔ Review your exercise plan

  • Unclear how scapular squeezes or standing leg raises are helping your pelvic floor? Your PT can explain the purpose of each exercise, check your form, help you modify exercises to make them easier or harder, and add exercises to your care plan.

✔ Look at your whole lifestyle

  • Stress, sleep, sex, diet: They all affect your pelvic health. Your PT can share lifestyle adjustments to improve your symptoms.

✔ Get guidance on breathing

  • Good diaphragmatic breathing is key to improving pelvic health symptoms. Your PT can help you practice the right technique.

What Members Say

“I love my PT — very trauma-informed and easy to talk to, even about difficult stuff.” — Hinge Health Member

“My PT was great at explaining the root cause of my symptoms and helping me understand how the exercises were going to help. Additionally, she shared some helpful tips for managing urinary urgency, which were useful right away.” — Hinge Health Member

“My visit was enlightening. Initially I thought I would feel embarrassed discussing my symptoms so openly, but Dr. Sarah made me feel comfortable and at ease.” — Hinge Health Member

But What If...

“My symptoms just don’t seem that serious”

You don’t need to be doubled over in pelvic pain to benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy. Chances are that your symptoms — whether it’s leaking urine or poop, constipation, heaviness in the vagina, or pain during sex — are common, but they are not normal. Even if they don’t seem “that serious,” you deserve better. Support and personalized care from your PT can go a long way toward relieving your discomfort.

“My schedule’s crazy. I don’t have time for this”

Good news: Your video visit is just 30 minutes (quicker than running an errand at Target) and you can do it from the comfort and privacy of your home, office, or anywhere. No sitting in traffic, paying for parking, or killing time in a waiting room. Same-day appointments are often available and can easily fit into a hectic schedule.

“I’m still not sure this will help me”

We get it — it can be uncomfortable to discuss personal, private health issues without knowing exactly how it will benefit you. Many of our members felt the same way at first, but they gave it a shot and were so glad they did. Remember: A video visit is just 30 minutes, free of charge, and helps you get more out of your care plan. Win-win-win.

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