Set your Hinge Health Action Plan

Now that you’ve had some time to explore your app and playlists, it’s time to create your first action plan. Research shows motivation regularly comes and goes, so having a plan in the moments when motivation is low can be an important strategy to achieve your pelvic health vision. Your action plan will continue to evolve over time and you'll partner closely with your health coach throughout this process.

What is an Action Plan?

Your action plan includes three key parts:

  1. The exercise therapy and education (playlists) you’ve been assigned in your Hinge Health app

  2. Your strategy for completing your playlists over the next two weeks

  3. A brief vision of what you hope to achieve by participating in the program

Part 1 has been set for you by your pelvic floor Physical Therapist (PT) based on the questions you answered in your application. Should you choose to conduct a video visit consultation with your PT, your plan may be personalized with different exercises to address your symptoms and lifestyle related recommendations. You're always welcome to schedule a video visit if you haven't done so already:

Today we encourage you to get clear on parts 2 and 3 by sharing with your coach. They would love to hear the number of playlists you plan to complete in the next two weeks, as well as the days, times, location, and what you hope to achieve by participating in the program.

Here’s one example of an action plan from Hinge Health member, Alicia:

“For the next two weeks, I will complete my playlists on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays while I wait for my coffee to brew in the mornings. When I miss a day I’ll make time before bed to complete at least half a playlist. By keeping up with this routine over time I hope to run without leaking with my dog after work.”

After Alicia meets with her PT, she decides to add breathing exercises to her plan. For example, "I will practice diaphragmatic breathing as recommended by my PT after I complete my exercises."

How to Create an Action Plan

  1. To create an action plan in your Hinge Health app, tap the Account button in the upper right corner, then Action plan, then When I will exercise.

  2. Next, tap any days you are NOT planning to complete an exercise therapy session so they are no longer highlighted in blue. The days highlighted in blue are the ones you’re aiming to complete your sessions.

  3. Choose a daily activity by tapping one of the options provided or add your own by typing it into the box below.

You may choose to receive reminders through text message or app notifications. Pro tip: members who set up reminders are more successful at completing their action plan.

Action Plan Recalibration

Your first action plan will last for two weeks. At the end of two weeks, your coach will invite you to reflect on your progress and update your plan with any changes for the coming four weeks. As your new habit is solidified, that period of time between action plans will increase.

Small and steady tweaks to your action plan along the way are the best ways to make sure it’s still working for you — so you can keep making improvements in symptom reduction.

Never hesitate to reach out to your health coach if you are experiencing any challenges with completing your action plan, or need modifications to your exercises. They work in tandem with your PT and are there to support you in navigating barriers so you may accomplish your goals.