Disaster Relief

Hinge Health, Employer Direct Healthcare provide relief to Hurricane Ian communities

Road to recovery: Hinge Health and Employer Direct Healthcare come together to provide relief to communities impacted by Hurricane Ian

Published Date: Dec 8, 2022
Disaster Relief

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As Florida rebuilds after the devastation of Hurricane Ian, our thoughts are with our customers, members, partners, and communities taking their steps to recovery. For many of those impacted, basic needs, like food and water, are still a struggle while new challenges of federal aid, building supplies shortages, and limited contractor availability arise.

Hinge Health is joining hands with our partner Employer Direct Healthcare, to help those most in need. Hinge Health and Employer Direct Healthcare have collectively donated $20,000 to relief funds directly supporting the hardest hit communities.

Ten thousand dollars is going to the Harry Chapin Food Bank, which has distributed millions of meals in Southwest Florida since Hurricane Ian struck, serving children, families, and seniors in the counties worst affected. And, the other half of the contribution is being donated to the United Way/Collaboratory Hurricane Ian Relief Fund, which is mobilizing resources to support local nonprofits and areas experiencing the most immediate needs.

The recovery process will need to go far beyond rebuilding homes, to rebuilding lives. People are struggling to prioritize themselves and their health amid everyday worries, taking an unseen toll on their physical and mental health. For many who are pain sufferers (1 in 2 Americans suffer from musculoskeletal conditions) or are recovering from a surgery, caring for their bodies has taken a backseat to rebuilding. The sooner we rebuild and provide a renewed sense of normalcy, the sooner people can get back to caring for their health.