Welcome to Discovery Week

Congratulations on taking your first steps with Hinge Health by completing your first exercise therapy (ET) session! Now you may be wondering, “What’s next?”

Enter Discovery Week!

What's Discovery Week?

Discovery Week is a time to explore how you’ll fit exercise therapy into your lifestyle. Spend this time familiarizing yourself with your sessions, taking note of where you could use support from your health coach.

Wondering how many sessions you should complete? Our members experience the best results when they do at least three exercise therapy sessions each week. Yet, it’s important that you choose a rate to complete your sessions that feels doable for you at this time. You can always increase or decrease as you go!

What’s a Health Coach?

Your health coach is here to support you throughout your journey. They partner with you to develop a plan that helps support your goals, overcome challenges, celebrate successes, and ultimately establish a movement routine that promotes your desired lifestyle.

What's a Playlist?

A playlist refers to the structure of what you'll complete in the app each day you log in. It includes:

  • Less than 10 minutes of exercises and stretches. It is perfectly okay to do fewer repetitions or even skip an exercise altogether.

  • A quick article read to learn about how to manage your pain and make healthy lifestyle changes.

  • An optional note to your coach to track your progress and trends in your pain levels.

What’s Next?

Book a call with your coach today! Take the first step in understanding how your coach can support your work in the program by scheduling a call. Your coach is standing by to support you in developing an initial plan that fits with your lifestyle and abilities. You’re also welcome to communicate by email or text if you prefer.

Interested in understanding more about how movement will help your pain? If so, click here for some useful tips!