Creating Your Hinge Health Action Plan

Now that you’ve had some time to explore your app and playlists, it’s time to create your first Action Plan — and save it in your app. Research shows documenting your plans or goals helps form important brain pathways for habit formation, so taking this step is essential on your Hinge Health journey.

What Is an Action Plan?

Your Action Plan is a super-charged version of your weekly playlist schedule saved in your account settings in the Hinge Health app. You can access your account settings by clicking on the green profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the Home screen.

Hinge Health recommends completing at least three playlists per week for best results, but you can start with less or more (up to seven days) based on what works best for you. We recommend you choose an activity that will be happening right before or after your daily playlists to get as specific as possible on when they will fit best in your day.

Here’s an example of an Action Plan from Hinge Health member Alicia:

“My Action Plan is to complete my playlists on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for two weeks after walking my dog in the mornings.”

This is a great example of habit stacking, or adding a habit you want to start to one you’re already doing regularly. This is an effective way to help make a new habit stickier.

How to Save Your Action Plan

  1. To save your Action Plan in the Hinge Health app, tap the green profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the Home screen, then Action Plan, then Create My Plan.

  2. Next, on the ‘Days I will exercise’ page, tap any days you are NOT planning to complete your playlists so they are no longer highlighted in green. The days highlighted in green are the ones you’re aiming to complete your sessions. Click Next.

  3. Then, on the ‘When I will exercise’ page, choose a daily activity from the list or write your own that will happen right before or after your scheduled playlists.

  4. On the same page, opt to receive reminders on the days you selected to complete your exercises by toggling the ‘Remind me’ button to green.

    1. Select if you’d like to receive your reminders via push notification or SMS.

    2. Choose the time you’d like to be sent your reminders.

  5. Tap ‘Finished’!

Your Action Plan will last for two weeks. At the end of two weeks with your first Action Plan, your coach will invite you to reflect on your progress and update your plan with any changes for the coming four weeks.

Small and steady tweaks to your Action Plan along the way are the best ways to make sure it’s still working for you — so you can keep making Hinge Health a lasting habit.