Boost Your Balance: Meet with a Hinge Health Physical Therapist

Many people assume balance issues are a normal part of aging. They're not! You can feel confident, strong, and steady in your daily routine -- and our physical therapists can help. A short video visit can make a big difference.

Okay, tell me more.

Older individuals deserve to live life on their terms, and at Hinge Health we aim to unlock the potential of aging with strength and confidence. We want to offer you an exercise program tailored to treat pain and improve your strength, balance, and mobility. This can reduce your risk of falling by up to 42%. (Source:International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity)

What Is a Video Visit with a Physical Therapist?

A video visit with your Hinge Health physical therapist (PT) is similar to a telehealth or virtual visit with your doctor. You will talk to your Hinge Health physical therapist over your mobile phone, using the Hinge Health app. You don’t need to leave your home, wait in a crowded waiting room, or pay for parking. Your physical therapist will ask you questions about your lifestyle and help tailor your exercise plan to make it even more personalized for your needs. Click here to schedule your visit: Book my video visit

What Exactly Happens During a Video Visit?

Meeting with your physical therapist (PT) offers you the most personalized Hinge Health experience. You can:

✔ Get a physical assessment: Your PT can do a whole-body movement assessment to check your strength, coordination, endurance — and adjust your care plan accordingly.

✔ Review your exercise plan: Your PT can explain the purpose of each exercise, check your form, help you modify exercises to make them easier or harder, and add exercises that can offer you more balance and strength.

✔ Look at your home environment: Many falls that happen in the home are preventable with small tweaks to your environment. Your PT can assess your home and provide simple suggestions to make it safer for you, like where to remove fall risks, adding in things like brighter lights, or changing up your shoe choices.

✔ Look at your whole lifestyle: Stress, sleep, diet, and more: They all affect your overall health. Your PT can share lifestyle adjustments to help improve your pain and provide fall prevention tips.

What Members Say

"Prior to HH, I couldn't balance at all. Now my grandkids and I have "contests" to see who can hold the pose longer. I win about half the time!!" — Hinge Health Member

"I can see how exercise is building up different muscles that support my knee and help relieve the pain. I am much more stable than I was when I began my exercise therapy. I am no longer as worried about falling. My iPhone is reporting that my walking is more stable and my fall risk within the next year has decreased." — Hinge Health Member

"I plan on staying in my home as long as possible! After meeting with my PT they shared ways I can make my home environment safer AND showed me how to do my exercise sessions that will make me stronger. I’m now less likely to have a fall and this puts my mind at ease and my family too!” — Hinge Health Member

How to Book My Free PT Video Visit?

A short video visit with your physical therapist (PT) can make a big difference in your care. Click here to schedule: Book my video visit

Got Questions?

Learn more here: Boost Balance FAQ’s