Boost Your Balance: FAQ's

What is a physical therapist?

A physical therapist (PT) is a licensed doctor of physical therapy who also has extensive specialized training and clinical practice experience. To practice as a PT in the U.S., they must earn a doctor of physical therapy degree (DPT) from an accredited physical therapist program, and pass a national board and state licensure exam.

What if I'm already seeing a PT in person?

If you’re already seeing a local provider, our program is a great supplement to in-person care.

How can a physical therapist help me with fall prevention?

Talking about fall prevention may sound alarming or upsetting, but there's a lot you can do to reduce your risk of falling. The best thing is often improving your balance and strength with regular movement and exercise, so you can keep doing what you love.

Your Hinge Health physical therapist can:

✔Do a whole-body movement assessment to check your strength, coordination, and balance and adjust your exercise plan accordingly.

✔Explain the purpose of each exercise, check your form, and tailor your program for increased strength, balance, and resistance, which can reduce falls.

✔Discuss lifestyle factors and health issues that can affect your fall risk and help you better understand how to work with your doctor.

✔Assess your home environment for potential safety issues that can affect your fall risk.

✔Their goal is to ensure that your program will best help you reach your goals. Book a visit with a physical therapist here: Book my video visit

What happens during a video visit with my PT?

During your visit, your PT may ask you to do a few simple exercises so they can assess your movement, strength, and balance. They will look at your form and help you make adjustments to stay steady and confident while you exercise. They will ask you questions about your lifestyle and answer any concerns you have. If you like, they can look at areas of your home where you may be concerned about falls and offer suggestions for making them safer.

How long does a video visit take?

Video visits are approximately 30 minutes. Please let your PT know at the beginning of the visit if you have any time constraints. You can schedule a follow-up visit if additional time is needed.

If I don’t book a video visit now, can I still book one later?

You can book a video visit at any time during your program. Reach out to your coach whenever you’re ready or schedule here: Book my video visit

What if the available times don’t work for me?

Reach out to your PT via email for help coordinating a video visit time that works for you. Their email address is located in their booking link.

What do I need for the video visit?

To ensure a great video visit, please make sure you have a good internet connection, clear space to move about in, and are wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. You may need to lean your phone against a wall on the floor to allow your PT to see how you move. They can instruct you during the visit.

How do I join the video visit?

10 minutes before your visit, a “Join” button will appear in your Hinge Health app on your phone. Click the “Join” button at the time of your visit. The app will ask for permission to use your camera and microphone for your visit. Be sure to click “Allow” so that your physical therapist can see you and hear your voice. For the best call quality, take the call where you get a good internet connection.

Do I need to pay for my PT visit? Does it involve a copay, my deductible, or my insurance coverage?

As a Hinge Health member, there is no charge for the video visit or any elements of the program.

What If I don’t want to do a video visit?

Booking a video visit with a PT is completely up to you. You can participate in the Hinge Health program — and see results — without ever meeting with a PT. We also have great resources about healthy aging and preventing falls that we can share with you! Ask your coach for more details or click on the Library area in your app and tap the “Healthy Aging” section.

Staying in Touch

How else can I communicate with my care team? You can contact your care team (which includes your coach and PT) any time you have a question by texting 833-418-0909.

What if I have more questions?

Please reach out to your health coach and they will be happy to answer additional questions and provide support. They are your co-pilot in the program and are with you every step of the way in finding symptoms and/or pain relief. Return to Boost Balance main page here.