World's largest digital MSK study on back and joint pain outcomes

San Francisco, CA (May 11, 2020) - As more patients and employers turn to digital health solutions during COVID-19, researchers at Stanford, UCSF, and Vanderbilt published on Monday the first large-scale study proving the effectiveness of digital health in reducing chronic back & joint pain. The study demonstrates that each Hinge Health remote exercise therapy and coaching session has a direct correlation to pain reduction. In the world’s largest digital musculoskeletal (MSK) longitudinal study (N=10,264), each Hinge Health participant had an average pain reduction of 69%, reduced depression and anxiety 58%, increased productivity 61% and decreased surgery likelihood 67%. Hinge Health’s unique 1-on-1 coaching model helped drive the industry’s highest 12-week completion rate, 73%, with each participant completing an average of 35 exercise therapy sessions.

Hinge Health Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Krauss said, “Hinge Health is the first digital MSK company to publish a peer-reviewed large-scale study. Hinge Health’s best-in-class adherence and elective surgery avoidance rates validates why we’ve made the market-leading investment to have both physical therapists and 10x more health coaches support participants with chronic MSK pain.”

The 3-year longitudinal cohort study, published in JMIR, represents a breakthrough in the efficacy and adherence of digital, noninvasive, solutions for chronic musculoskeletal pain. In an analysis of 10,264 participants with either knee (N=3796) or low back (N=6468) pain, 4 in 5 participants who completed the program reported a significant reduction in chronic pain.

In response to COVID-19, more patients and employers are turning to remote healthcare delivery to address chronic health conditions and avoid non-essential visits to medical facilities.

AutoZone’s Vice President of Benefits, Compensation, and HR systems, Matt Harmon said, “Since COVID-19 has become a barrier to in-person physical therapy and healthcare, having Hinge Health was key to helping our AutoZoners with chronic pain get much needed exercise therapy and coaching right now, at home.”

As patients defer treatment of chronic MSK pain, Hinge Health’s digital musculoskeletal solution allows patients to get the treatment they need now, at home, without overburdening hospitals or risking COVID-19 exposure at a medical facility.

Hinge Health CEO and co-founder Daniel Perez said, “Since COVID-19, we’ve seen a surge of employers and health plans contact us to help after they saw thousands of in-person physical therapy and elective surgeries cancelled. We’ve recently expanded our clinical team 20% to support the surge in new members, and we are adding another 30% additional clinical capacity before the summer.”

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