Hinge Health expands clinical capabilities to become the first Digital MSK Clinic

San Francisco, CA (July 29, 2020) - Today Hinge Health, the top-selling musculoskeletal (MSK) solution for employers and health plans, is announcing an expansion of clinical & technical capabilities to cover the full continuum of care in MSK, and give employers and health plans the most complete back and joint health solution.

Currently, employers interested in truly solving their MSK issues must assemble a collection of disconnected vendors - ranging from prevention, wellness, tele-PT, digital programs, expert medical opinion, centers of excellence (COEs), and more.

To that end, in Q1 2021 Hinge Health will be rolling out the world’s most complete Digital MSK Clinic, which will include:

Dedicated Digital Care Pathways for members across the MSK continuum:

  • Prevention: tailored to each employer population, job-type specific, and covering 90% of job types in America

  • Acute/episodic: covering all joint & muscle groups with as much access to 1-on-1 virtual-sessions with our Physical Therapists as needed

  • Surgical: covering pre/post surgical rehab for the most common MSK surgeries

  • These new programs will complement our flagship Chronic Pathway which already addresses 75% of MSK spend, clinically validated to reduce pain 69% and avoids 2 in 3 surgeries

Expert medical opinion

  • Focused on replacing unnecessary elective MSK surgeries with evidence-based conservative care; to further enhance our market-leading ROI

  • Deep integration into our Digital Care Pathways to ensure higher utilization of second opinion before members commit to surgery

Moreover, given our commitment to being employers’ one-stop-shop for MSK, Hinge Health will be hiring an additional 100+ full-time PTs and doctors for 2021, ensuring our members continue to have as much access to physical therapists, doctors, coaches and other clinicians as needed.

“We selected Hinge Health because they are the best within MSK, and are investing the most resources into innovation. We’ve had over 2,000 members participate in their program,” said Joe Toniolo, Senior Director of Health & Welfare at US Foods. “By expanding their clinical services Hinge Health is becoming our one-stop-shop for all-things MSK.”

“Hinge Health is one of the only healthcare products I’ve ever launched for which employees stopped me in the hallway to say ‘thank you’,” said Tom Sondergeld, former Vice President Global Benefits at Walgreens Boots Alliance. “Hinge was already the best in the market, and now with their Digital MSK Clinic, it feels like Hinge Health 2.0.”

“Hinge Health has the largest evidence base of any digital musculoskeletal program including a 10,000 participant longitudinal study with very impressive clinical outcomes. This is the type of solution I would want my patients to have access to,” said Dr. David J. Kennedy, Professor and Chair, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Vanderbilt University - and a member of Hinge Health’s Clinical Advisory Board.

Having nearly quadrupled our customer base in 12 months, Hinge Health is privileged to be the choice of 4 in 5 employers with a digital MSK solution, including Boeing, AutoZone, US Foods, Southern Company, Walgreens, PwC, FujiFilm, and more. As the market leader - we will continue our commitment to being our customers’ complete MSK solution.

About Hinge Health

Hinge Health is pioneering the world's most patient-centered Digital Clinic for back & joint pain. Our Digital Clinic is the #1 musculoskeletal (MSK) solution for employers and health plans. Available to nearly 200 enterprise customers, Hinge Health empowers people to reduce chronic pain, opioid use and surgeries. Learn more at www.hingehealth.com