Hinge Health Continues to Advance Women’s Pelvic Care

Published Date: Sep 26, 2023

Program significantly reduces pain and symptoms, while improving mental health and productivity

Smart Pelvic floor training device and guided meditation now part of industry’s most comprehensive care program

SAN FRANCISCO, September 26 – Today, Hinge Health, the industry leader for helping people move beyond musculoskeletal pain, announced further advancements to its Women’s Pelvic Health Program since launching in 2022. In addition to the comprehensive care already provided by the company’s physical therapists and board-certified women's health coaches, the program will now offer guided breathing and meditation as well as a software-connected pelvic floor training device to track kegel exercises and provide real-time biofeedback on the strengthening progress. 

Hinge Health’s Pelvic Health Program has seen tremendous adoption and effectiveness with over 15,000 participants enrolling since the program was introduced. An internal analysis shows that, over a 12-week period, participants saw major improvements in pelvic health conditions, including a 63% average pain reduction, a 57% average decrease in symptoms, and a 55% average reduction in surgery intent. Significant improvements were also observed in mental health outcomes, with 40% fewer participants screening positive for anxiety. Higher work productivity over the 12-week period was also reported.

“For too long, women have been suffering in silence with pelvic conditions, without access to high-quality care,” said Inessa Lurye, Head of Women’s Health at Hinge Health. “I’m proud that we’ve touched the lives of so many women and that we are leading the industry with the most comprehensive and clinically effective pelvic care program, now with additional options such as breathing guidance and pelvic floor training.” 

Additional information on the innovation announced today:

  • Pelvic Floor Training: Specialized exercise guidance with Perifit’s software-connected pelvic floor trainer device provides real-time biofeedback on the pelvic floor strengthening progress. This device uses advanced pressure sensor technology to tell a member if they are doing a kegel correctly and is available at no additional cost to indicated Hinge Health members, complementing their exercise therapy program. 

  • Breathing Guidance: A new breathing and meditation experience helps members reduce stress and anxiety as well as decrease muscle tension, which can help women address their pelvic health symptoms. Research has shown that this type of specialized guided meditation can also reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence, ease the symptoms of menopause, and reduce pelvic pain and discomfort.   

“Pelvic floor issues are incredibly common, but often overlooked, so we created a device that allows women to strengthen their pelvic floor while playing a series of engaging games in the comfort of their own home” said Cyril Haoudi, co-founder, Perifit. “Combining our pelvic floor trainer device, which has already helped more than 350,000 women, with Hinge Health’s pelvic health program offers women a truly comprehensive solution that can make a big difference in their quality of life.”

Hinge Health's Pelvic Health Program supports women at all stages of life — from early adulthood to after menopause — providing care for the full continuum of pelvic floor disorders. Care is personalized around one of four pelvic floor needs: pregnancy and postpartum, bladder control, pelvic pain, and pelvic strength. Participants address pelvic pain and other symptoms through tailored exercise therapy and exercise therapy guidance, robust educational content, guided breathing exercises, and the support of a care team composed of pelvic health physical therapists and board-certified women's health coaches. 

Maria, a dedicated Hinge Health user, first turned to the Women's Pelvic Health program after experiencing chronic pelvic pain and incontinence, issues that have persisted since the birth of her two daughters. Within just 21 weeks, Maria noticed a remarkable transformation. She felt stronger, with improved abdominal muscles and reduced swelling. The program's tailored exercises and guidance have seamlessly integrated into her daily routine, allowing her to regain confidence in activities she once found challenging, from weight lifting to simply laughing without worry.

“Before Hinge Health, traveling with my family meant constantly planning around bathroom breaks,” said Maria. “Now, I can enjoy long drives without the constant urgency. It's incredible how dedicating a little time to the program has had such a profound impact on my health and happiness. I urge others: Do it. It’s only going to help you.”

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