My Hinge Health Story: Maria

My Hinge Health Story: Maria

One member shares the life-changing impact of addressing her pelvic floor and incontinence issues

Published Date: Apr 10, 2024
My Hinge Health Story: Maria

“Women require so much care during labor and delivery, but nobody bothers to think about what happens after we deliver. The Hinge Health Women’s Pelvic Health Program helped me get back to my pre-baby body. I can now walk the entire four-mile riverwalk in our city with my kids and I don’t need a restroom.”

Meet Maria

Maria is a mother of two. She is often on the go, traveling with her daughters to gymnastics competitions all around their state.

Both children were delivered by Cesarean section which weakened Maria’s abdominal muscles and resulted in urinary urgency and incontinence. For years, Maria has restricted her fluid intake and planned her life around access to restrooms. 

How pelvic floor issues impacted Maria’s life

After delivering my children via C-section, my abdominal muscles were really distended—and they stayed that way.

Anytime I sneezed or coughed, I would urinate on myself. If I took a sip of water, I’d have to urinate three or four times because my bladder wanted to empty itself immediately.

When my family traveled for gymnastics meets, I had to pick a route that had public restrooms along the way and I wouldn’t drink anything the entire trip. 

Maria’s turning point

I saw positive results from Hinge Health’s Women’s Pelvic Health Program almost immediately. After three months, I visited my OB-GYN. She did an ultrasound and found that my pelvic floor muscles are doing very well and getting tighter. That was great to hear. 

I can now go two to three hours without urinating, which is wonderful. I no longer have to make frequent stops to use the restroom during car trips. That’s been life-changing for me.

I can hang out all day with my family at a fair or theme park and maybe go to the bathroom two or three times tops, instead of every 30 minutes. 

How Hinge Health helped

Before trying Hinge Health for my pelvic floor issues, I used the program for carpal tunnel pain in my hands. For many years, I turned to massage therapy and acupuncture to deal with numbness and tingling in my hands. The acupuncture clinic closed during COVID, so I visited an orthopedic specialist who wanted to perform hand surgery. Instead, I decided to try Hinge Health for my hand pain and I’ve had [substantially less] pain for about two years. 

When I heard about Hinge Health’s Women’s Pelvic Health Program about six months ago, I was excited and signed up immediately to participate. The exercises have done wonders for me.

My coach is awesome. She reads my notes and texts me with additional information and directions. It’s nice to have someone who provides affirmation and accountability.

I like that Hinge Health is fluid and accommodates my lifestyle. As a busy mom, I do my exercises either early in the morning or late at night. It’s great that I can follow the program at my own pace and at home. 

Maria’s advice

Try Hinge Health’s Women’s Pelvic Health Program. It doesn’t cost [members] anything, and it’s definitely worth dedicating some time to yourself as part of a self-care routine.

Everyone’s results will be different, but I highly recommend Hinge Health. I’ve seen the benefits. If I hadn’t tried it, I’d be exactly where I was after I delivered my daughters—with incontinence and unable to figure out what to do to get better.