My Hinge Health Story: Kenyath

One member shares how she reclaimed her energy, joy, and knee mobility

Published Date: Nov 7, 2023

“Hinge Health has definitely increased my longevity and given me hope that I want to share with others. No one could help me with my pain and now after two months on the Hinge Health program, I’m so much better. I want to bear witness to the miracle that’s right before your eyes. The change is so exciting for a person who’s been in pain for seven years.”

Meet Kenyath

Kenyath is a middle-aged woman who enjoys being active and participating in fun fitness events like the annual 5k Hot Chocolate Run in her city. Her life changed dramatically seven years ago when she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

How Pain Impacted Kenyath’s Life

I first noticed pain in my knees seven years ago. I was at my job as a restaurant manager and I noticed that my left knee had become very swollen. The swelling and the pain kept getting worse. I knew something wasn’t right, so I went to the emergency room.

The doctor X-rayed my legs and she told me that I had osteoarthritis in both knees. At 40, that was devastating to hear. I couldn’t get my mind around the fact that I had osteoarthritis in both knees – I thought that was something that older people get. I didn’t know how to live with arthritis pain. I couldn’t bend my knees, kneel on the floor, or walk down stairs.

It seemed like no matter what I tried, nothing worked. Cortisone injections and physical therapy appointments didn’t seem to help. Doctors also wanted me to take Ibuprofen 800, but I didn’t want to do that. When I changed to a plant-based diet and stopped eating fried foods three years ago, that made a difference, but I was still experiencing pain.

Kenyath's Turning Point

Hinge Health came along and now I can do things that I couldn’t do four months ago. My husband is so happy and my sister is amazed at the things I’m doing, like bending down to pick things up. I have great mobility now and can walk for hours.

My energy levels and joy are coming back. A few years ago, I did the 5K Hot Chocolate Run in my city. I would love to do another one of those walks with my new knees.

If I hadn’t tried Hinge Health, I’d still be stuck, sitting on the couch in pain, trying to figure out how to heal and improve my mobility. There was a dark cloud over me because I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do.

How Hinge Health Helped

We received a postcard about Hinge Health and my husband told me that the program was available through his employer. That’s when I decided to give Hinge Health a try and it changed the game.

By the fifth week, I was moving my leg and lifting my leg higher. I was so excited. I am learning to do things all over again. My health coach, Kathy, and physical therapist, Steven, are amazing. They help you on your journey and they don’t force anything on you. They let you speak and they actually listen to what you say.

Having a health coach has kept me accountable because I have someone to talk to. I can share with Kathy if I’m struggling and she gives me great insights. She looks at me as a real person, not just a number.

Kenyath's Advice

When you try Hinge Health, go into it with your whole heart. Go full force, like you’re running from a lion and your life depends on it. Try to participate as many days as you can. You may think you can’t do it, but you can.

Remember that health is wealth. You can’t spend the money in your bank account if you’re not healthy enough to get out and enjoy life. You are in control of your body and movement really is medicine. It lubricates your joints and stimulates your mind.

I want more people to experience the improvements that I’ve seen from Hinge Health and to have a more sustainable life without being in pain. After being in agony for seven years, it’s amazing to feel so much better and to claim my life back.