Jenn, Hinge Health member

My Hinge Health Member Story: Jenn

One member shares how addressing her shoulder pain pulled her out of depression and gifted her a new outlook on life

Published Date: Nov 22, 2023
Jenn, Hinge Health member

“Hinge Health is more than just an exercise program. It’s a wellness program. I wanted a fresh start after my mother passed away. Hinge Health has helped me to flourish by being physically active and more social. I owe this new life to Hinge Health.” 

Meet Jenn

Jenn is a middle-aged woman who experienced chronic shoulder pain and mobility issues after a two-month hospitalization for multiple hip revision surgeries. When she started the Hinge Health program, she weighed just 98 pounds due to pain, depression, and anxiety. 

How Pain Impacted Jenn’s Life

I had chronic shoulder pain after four hip surgeries. During the hospitalization, I really had no exercise at all.

Afterward, I couldn’t even walk properly. I got cortisone shots for my shoulder and I went to physical therapy, but neither treatment really worked. I isolated myself at home and never went out.

Jenn’s Turning Point

In January 2023, I joined Hinge Health. I’m now on my 86th consecutive day of using the program and my goal is to hit 90 days.

I can’t believe how Hinge Health has totally changed my life. My shoulder is so much better and I’m building muscle strength.

Reading about other Hinge Health members and their adventures pushed me out of my comfort zone. It built confidence in me to get out into my community and start meeting new people. 

Now that I’m getting older, my goal is to be agile and flexible. I live alone and it’s crucial for me to be able to take care of myself. Hinge Health has helped me build new habits by changing my behaviors and attitudes. 

How Hinge Health Helped

Through Hinge Health, I got a healthcare coach and a physical therapist, who’s exceptional. I started walking on a treadmill, as well as using an elliptical machine and a stationary bike. Now I’m trying weights to help my shoulder.

Hinge Health has also cemented the importance of mindfulness. My perception of pain has totally changed and I no longer need cortisone injections. 

I belong to so many groups in the Hinge Health online community. I love seeing what other people are doing and learning new things. My confidence level is so much higher now. I like to give other Hinge Health members encouragement online. If I can do it, they can do it, too.

Hinge Health is now an integral part of my life, like eating every day. I take Hinge Health to work and do my exercises during lunch. I also take it with me on vacations. I’m in love with Hinge Health and wish everyone in the world could take advantage of the program. 

Jenn’s Advice

Hinge Health is the greatest tool. There’s no forced agenda—you can do it on your own schedule.

Look at your healthcare benefits and see if Hinge Health is available to you. If so, take advantage of this program. You have nothing to lose—just try it for 30 days. Take a Hinge Health challenge, then tell me what you think!