Alicia, Hinge Health member

My Hinge Health Story: Alicia

This member wanted to avoid surgery "at all costs." She did—and achieved greater mobility.

Published Date: Nov 22, 2023
Alicia, Hinge Health member

“On my worst days, my knee pain made walking difficult. That was hard to deal with since I love being active. My husband told me I needed to get better because I was slowing him down! If I hadn’t tried Hinge Health, I’d be recovering from surgery now.”

Meet Alicia

Alicia is an active middle-aged woman who has experienced chronic knee pain for 30 years. She went from hiking the “Mighty Five” national parks in Utah to struggling with the stairs in her home. 

How Pain Impacted Alicia’s Life

When I was in my mid-thirties, I could push through my knee pain fairly easily with some ibuprofen. Over the years, however, it became more difficult to remain pain-free.

On my worst days, walking and tackling stairs was difficult. That was tough since my husband and I both love to be active. In addition, I enjoy quilting with my long arm machine, but climbing the stairs to my hobby room and standing up to work on my projects was painful.

I definitely didn’t want to sit around the house for the rest of my life. 

I was referred to an orthopedist who gave me a cortisone injection. I hoped it would be the magic bullet. However, that wasn’t the case. We discussed surgery, but I wanted to avoid that at all costs. 

Alicia’s Turning Point

If I hadn’t tried Hinge Health, I’d be recovering from knee surgery now. I like the exercises that you can do anytime, the focus on mindfulness, and the articles that keep me motivated. 

How Hinge Health Helped

I was thrilled when Hinge Health showed up in my company’s list of benefits. I definitely wanted to give it a go.

Keeping up with the physical therapy exercises is important. I did them five days a week. Because you can do the exercises whenever it’s convenient for you, I did them first thing in the day to get them done.

I also read all the Hinge Health articles. I particularly liked one that said feeling pain isn’t harmful. 

I believe that the combination of the Hinge Health exercises and a second cortisone shot for my knee has helped me to get stronger. 

Alicia’s Advice

I would highly recommend Hinge Health to others. To gain the full benefit, you need to participate in the program consistently.

The exercises don’t take very long and you can do them any time that’s convenient for you.