Vikas, a Hinge Health member

My Hinge Health Member Story: Vikas

One member shares how the program helped him overcome pain, stay strong during cancer treatment, and reach new heights

Published Date: May 1, 2024
Vikas, a Hinge Health member

“Hinge Health trained me to have a growth mindset. I don’t take things for granted. I have been climbing Colorado mountains and one of my latest achievements was running a marathon in the Himalayas at 14,000 feet on a frozen lake. Without Hinge Health, I wouldn’t be here.” 

Meet Vikas

Vikas is a middle-aged man with a very active lifestyle. During COVID-19, he began running longer distances but sustained a hip injury leading up to the Boston Marathon. Shortly after, Vikas was diagnosed with rapidly advancing cancer. Throughout the physical and emotional stresses of treatment, he was still determined not to abandon his dreams. 

How pain impacted Vikas's life

About a week or two before the Boston Marathon, I got an injury in my hip that I couldn’t shake off. I participated in the Marathon, but I was limping the last couple of miles because I was in so much hip and knee pain.

I said, “God, just let me get to the finish line and get that medal, then I’m done with running and I’m hanging up my shoes.” 

Vikas's turning point

Just a few weeks later, I saw a corporate email notification that my company was going to offer Hinge Health as a benefit. I couldn’t wait to get started. I called my benefits administrator to ask if I could start the program earlier than January 1st (the launch date for all employees), but that wasn’t possible.

I was motivated to use Hinge Health because of the benefit of using technology at my own pace in my own home. When I started the program, I found the structure that I needed to improve myself and, more importantly, to gain the confidence to approach the activities I love doing. 

How Hinge Health helped

Hinge Health is a complete support system with a health coach supported by physical therapists and a community I can interact with. Having a health coach is very useful. I know that someone is looking out for me and holding me accountable. 

Right after running the Boston Marathon, I received the devastating news that I had rapidly advancing cancer. Once this settled in, I used my family support system and the Hinge Health support system to reimagine and rekindle my dreams. 

The cancer treatment process was a big emotional rollercoaster for me and my entire family. The Hinge Health program held me together. I got up every day, kept up with my routine, and had my health coach holding me accountable through the physical and emotional highs and lows. 

I was recently able to bring to fruition something that I’d been dreaming about for over 10 years—a Mt. Everest base camp trek. It was a very emotional journey because of what I’d gone through with my injuries and cancer rehab. It was a very surreal moment when I was like, “Yes, I did it.” 

Vikas's advice

Life isn’t constant. It moves on and you need the guardrails of a well-designed program to keep you moving purposefully forward.

I’m most optimistic about my future and the confidence I’ve gained through my recent rehab and accomplishments. Hinge Health has played a great part in that.