Movement and Mood

The human mind is wonderfully complex. One of the amazing things it can do is respond almost immediately to our body’s movement. A small activity, such as a short walk, can prompt chemical changes in the brain that increase feelings of serenity, calm, and joy.

Isn’t that amazing? The chemicals in our brains love movement, especially regular, consistent movement. So if you’re looking for a simple but powerful way to start feeling more like yourself again, you can give these simple tips a try:

Get your groove on: From gently swaying to your favorite song to an all out dance party, moving to the beat of music gets those happy brain chemicals flowing. You can even dance while seated!

Go easy on yourself: Comparing yourself to a former version of yourself or others only perpetuates a cycle of inactivity. Instead, feed your mind with positive self-talk, even if you don’t fully believe it yet. Here’s an example:

  • Current thought: “I used to be so fit. Running was no big deal for me.”

  • Empowering thought: “I am a work in progress. I will just focus on what I can do today.”

Try something new: Now that you have your Hinge Health app filled with gentle stretching and strengthening exercises to reduce pain, try your best to stay consistent with your routine. You are surrounded by a support team who cares and will meet you wherever you are today.

Do the best you can: No judgment here. Try confiding in your coach about how this feels hard right now. They’re there to support you and help you best navigate the road ahead.