Meet the new Hinge Health brand

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Christine Lui Chen
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Hinge Health

Today, we’re proud to unveil the new Hinge Health brand, inspired by the unique health journeys of members and our core belief that movement is key to unlocking human potential. We’ll highlight a few of these changes and what to expect next from Hinge Health, but first, let’s go back to where it all started.

Putting members first

When Daniel Perez and Gabriel Mecklenburg co-founded Hinge Health in 2014, it was borne out of their personal experiences with bone, joint and muscle injuries and their difficulties in accessing high-quality care. They shared a conviction that your physical health shouldn’t stand in the way of doing what matters to you — whether playing in your softball league, holding your toddler, or walking up the stairs in your home. 

From the start, we put members first. For our earliest customer, Vail Resorts, our founding team moved to Denver for a month to personally onboard our first members. Eight years later, we’re accessible to over 25 million people across 1,250 customers. While we remain the same at the core, we wanted to update our brand to wholly reflect our bold vision: to create a new health care system, built around you.

Meet the new Hinge Health brand

Meet the new Hinge Health brand

So what did we change and why? 

  • First and foremost, the new logo mark expresses motion and fluidity. The abstract "H,” made of four perfectly imperfect loops, represents the individual path each member takes to better health, as well as our unique-to-you approach to care.

  • Second, our new primary color — a fresh, bright Evergreen — inspires a feeling of growth and reinforces a healthy, active lifestyle. Like an evergreen tree, our care solution is accessible to you year-round, all day, every day.

  • Third, we’re introducing a new core visual element which is an extension of the logo — unraveled and expanded. It is the essence of our approach to care — we provide and adapt care based on how and when members need it. 

Expanding to digital and in-person care with house calls

Our commitment to creating a new health care system around your needs extends from our brand to the bold bets we’re making with our products. Today, we announced house calls, the launch of our physical therapy house-calls service — creating the nation’s first fully-integrated digital and in-person care experience for back and joint health. We’ll be starting in Chicago and then rolling out nationwide. Members will benefit from convenient access and scheduling, in-person assessments, and a single provider for coordinated care. 

House calls builds on our momentum of innovative launches, including the groundbreaking Enso wearable device for everyday pain relief, advancing our motion technology to include both sensors and computer vision for whole-body motion feedback and functional assessment, and setting a new standard for a nationally accessible and clinically validated Women’s Pelvic Health program. 

We’re incredibly proud of our team's passion for placing members at the heart of our new brand and the physical therapy house calls launch. We invite you to join us in reimagining health care so everyone can move beyond pain and live a joyful life. 

To hear Hinge Health members’ inspiring stories about how they’ve moved beyond pain, watch this video.

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