Hear how a Women's Pelvic Health participant got her life back

Margaret is a new mother and Wellness Professional who participated in the Women's Pelvic Health pathway.

Pregnancy was hard. I won't lie about that. I wasn't able to do a lot of what I love to do anymore.

I was diagnosed with rectocele. It's a prolapse of your rectum awesome, my doctor didn't tell me anything. It'll go away. That's literally what you told me.

If you're looking at going to a PT, you're looking at business hours 8am to 5pm. Being a new mom, you can't really fit that into your schedule.

I had like a mental breakdown. I felt like a prisoner in my own house. I heard that Hinge Health was coming out with the pelvic health program, I signed up for it like the following week and my Hinge Health PT was the first person to tell me this is what caused it. This is what we're going to do. All the information that I didn't know I needed, but I needed.

I log on to the app and noticed a full set of exercises that really targeted my issues. In motherhood community is so important. My health coach Ashley, she's a young mom herself. She's lived it. She understands that's huge.

I know that so many women are experiencing this. There's others out there like me. It's time that women start speaking up about pelvic health issues.

If I can help at least one person, that lived experience is worth it.

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