Illustration of a doctor and patient sitting together, looking at a tablet.

A Letter to Your Provider About the Hinge Health Balance Program

Share this letter with your provider if they have questions about the Hinge Health program.

Published Date: Apr 25, 2024
Illustration of a doctor and patient sitting together, looking at a tablet.

Dear Provider,

Hinge Health is a personalized digital rehabilitation program that includes exercise, health coaching, and education. It is designed to encourage lasting healthy lifestyle changes that center around movement to improve balance and stability. The Hinge Health program is delivered through a mobile app and is supported by physical therapists, health coaches, and orthopedic physicians. We encourage members to use Hinge Health at least three times a week. 

Convenient Exercise Therapy

Each member in the Hinge Health program has access to their own physical therapist who creates a personalized exercise program for their specific needs, goals, and abilities. Physical therapists monitor each member’s progress, then adjust their program accordingly and suggest activity modifications to improve balance and stability. Members benefit from the convenience of accessing therapy through a mobile app while receiving invaluable personalized guidance from an experienced physical therapist. 

Expert Behavioral Support

Physical therapists are available to members via messaging and video visits to discuss issues that contribute to their health concerns and create customized care plans to help improve balance and function. Members also work with a certified health coach for additional support. Coaches are behavior change experts who help members build healthy habits, overcome obstacles, achieve personal goals, and stay consistent with exercise. Consistency with exercise therapy is linked to greater improvements in balance.

Empowering Education

Members receive educational content about balance and aging healthfully to build knowledge, promote healthy habits, and get practical behavioral strategies to improve their balance, reduce fall risk, and stay healthy and independent.

While programs vary depending on a person’s symptoms, progress, and goals, the general outcomes are similar. If you have questions about Hinge Health and your patient, please do not hesitate to contact your patient's physical therapist.

In good health,

The Hinge Health Clinical Care Team