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Introducing ‘Taking the Floor’: A Pelvic Health Podcast from Hinge Health

Published Date: Jun 20, 2024

Product Team: Manny Severino, Kate Gilbert, Kandis Daroski

Taking the Floor is a new podcast series about pelvic health, movement, and taking charge of your well-being, co-hosted by Hinge Health pelvic floor physical therapists Kandis Daroski, PT, DPT, and Bijal Toprani, PT, DPT. The podcast provides support and education to help those impacted by pelvic floor dysfunctions learn more about their bodies and symptoms — and how Hinge Health’s program can help them get relief.

Episodes address pelvic health topics such as kegels, pelvic pain, urinary urgency and incontinence, and bowel issues. Conversations include interviews with Hinge Health members who share their stories, struggles, and successes with pelvic health. “This is part of why we called this podcast ‘Taking the Floor,’” notes Dr. Toprani. “We want to give people the floor to talk about their own experiences, because we know how important it is for members to hear and learn from each other.”

Through a warm, intimate, conversational dynamic, Drs. Daroski and Toprani explain the science of treating pelvic health issues, share practical tips for healthy lifestyle changes, and show how the Hinge Health care team and award-winning pelvic health program can help.

“It’s not always easy to talk about issues like bladder and bowel problems or painful sex,” says Lauren Gelman, Director of Content and Education. “Our amazing PT hosts have created a safe space to address things that can be embarrassing or uncomfortable, while providing hope and reassurance that these conditions are treatable with the right care and support.”

Why a Podcast?

The podcast arose after a client webinar that Drs. Daroski and Toprani hosted last year. “A typical webinar is dry and attendees lack enthusiasm, but the complete opposite was true about this webinar,” says Manny Severino, Senior Product Manager, Women’s Pelvic Health. “There was a large turnout and attendees flooded the chat with so many questions that our team could barely keep up. People want PT-led expert advice delivered in an audio-centric format, filled with empathy, storytelling, and practical information.” 

How to Listen

Episodes of Taking the Floor will be available to Women’s Pelvic Health program members in their Hinge Health app, as well as on YouTube.

If there are two things we want members to take away from the podcast, says Dr. Daroski:

  1. “Pelvic symptoms are common, but that doesn't mean they're normal or something you just have to live with,” she says.

  2. “Pelvic floor problems can be treated,” says Dr. Daroski. “You can see improvement if you work with a physical therapist, try exercises and breath work, and make attainable lifestyle changes.”