From Judo to COO

In Silicon Valley you often hear about an engineer developing a break-through app and founding a tech company. At Hinge Health, our story is a little different.

Published Date: Feb 6, 2019
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Our Hinge Health Experts

Sarah Lasker
East coast transplant, outdoor & fitness fanatic, dog lover.
Sarah is a Marketing Manager at Hinge Health. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in communication at Hamilton College. Specializing in communication and storytelling, Sarah executes top notch events, conferences, and marketing campaigns. Outside of the office, she enjoys fitness and anything outdoors, especially if her dog can join.

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A conversation with Hinge Health’s COO and Co-Founder

In Silicon Valley you often hear about an engineer developing a break-through app and founding a tech company. At Hinge Health, our story is a little different. In a recent podcast our COO and Co-Founder, Gabriel sat down with eHealth Radio Network to share his struggles with chronic pain and the reason he entered into the world of digital health.

Originally from Germany, Gabriel graduated from the University of Cambridge and went on to research musculoskeletal (MSK) regenerative medicine at Imperial College London. After a ligament tear ended his days on the Judo mat, Gabriel saw first hand the inefficiencies in accessing care in the traditional way. Undergoing 9 months of rehabilitation, continuously taking time off to see a physical therapist, and lacking any mental support, Gabriel struggled to fully participate in the activities he used to enjoy. After a long recovery, his biggest takeaway was, the current way of healthcare isn’t sustainable. Despite the huge impact musculoskeletal pain has on the quality of life, there are a lot of things missing in the way care is being provided.

A teenage Gabriel after a Judo competition

“It’s not the kind of thing that fits into a pill or a 15 minute appointment with your primary care physician. Our health system is bad at delivering this type of care.”

So how did Hinge Health come to be? Gabriel and Dan, Hinge Health’s CEO and Co-Founder, saw the advantages of delivering best practice care digitally. Combining clinical insight with the world of technology, Gabriel describes how we can use technology, a tool fantastic at changing behavior to help people exercise, eat right, and provide support to patients at home so they can do the things they love.

As MSK continues to be a huge burden on the healthcare system, the mission that Gabriel and Dan created years ago, continues to drive us everyday. Founded by scientists, Hinge Health is on a mission to improve the lives of everyday people by digitizing the delivery of best practice care.

To learn more about how Hinge Health is changing the healthcare space through the digital delivery of best practice care: exercise therapy, behavioral health, and education, listen to the full podcast here.

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