Bridging digital and in-person MSK care

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Hinge Health Digital MSK Clinic

In-Person Providers

A more clinically complete view of an MSK participant

HingeConnect integrates external electronic medical records (EMR) into Hinge Health’s Digital MSK Clinic, enabling highly personalized care and robust coordination with external providers.
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Digital MSK Clinic

  • Outcomes
  • Provider notes
  • Treatment plans

In-person providers

  • Medical history
  • Encounter data
  • Medications
  • Procedures
  • Labs
  • Admissions
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Integrated Medical History

HingeConnect exchanges EMR data between Hinge Health and in-person providers.
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Personalized Care

Medical history informs the Clinical Care Team so care plans can be personalized and coordinated.
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Real-Time Interventions

EMR data is proactively monitored on behalf of the member to identify opportunities to offer noninvasive and nonaddictive alternatives.

Learn more about HingeConnect

View our on-demand webinar, “Integrating the MSK Experience across Digital & Physical Care,” to learn how you can improve outcomes for your members by bridging in-person and digital MSK care.
Webinar on laptop screen: Integrating the MSK Experience Across Digital & Physical Care