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We work with large self-insured employers such as Vail Resorts and US Foods. Find out how we can help you engage your workforce while driving a 3x–6x year-1 ROI.
The scale of the musculoskeletal problem

MSK is the #1 medical cost driver for employers.
MSK is the #1 medical cost driver for employers.
60-70% of spend is being driven by costs associated with surgery.
Employers spend 1 in 6 healthcare dollars on MSK.
Employers spend 1 in 6 healthcare dollars on MSK.
Employers spend more healthcare dollars on musculoskeletal diseases than cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes or maternity.
50% of employer spend is 
50% of employer spend is wasted.
This is overwhelmingly due to costly and unnecessary procedures, such as surgery, high-cost imaging, or injections.
Financial impact

Signups from Day 1
There is pent-up demand to fix chronic back and joint pain. With multiple employers, we’ve seen 300+ new signups in less than 5 hours.
Exercise therapy sessions
Over the initial 12 weeks, the average participant who starts the program completed over 30 exercise therapy sessions.
3x hard ROI in year 1
By reducing surgery utilization by 60% or more, we help you drive down medical plan spend within the first budget year.
Here’s what our partners say

I wish I had more programs as easy to implement and successful right out the gate as Hinge Health.
Katie Kirkland
Director at Southern Company
Director of Benefits
Vail Resorts Management Co.
"I recommend Hinge Health to any employer struggling with MSK in their workforce."

Employee Benefits Manager
Manatee County Government
"Hinge Health exceeded expectations. I stand by Hinge Health because they are a cut above the rest."

Delivering Best Practice MSK Care to America’s Top Employers

Rolling out Hinge Health

Integrations & Referrals
Integrations & Referrals
We work closely with your existing programs and vendors to ensure a seamless member experience. Integrations include 2nd opinion, onsite clinics, care advocacy / navigation, wellness platforms / hubs, and more.
Targeted Marketing
Targeted Marketing
We reach out in a targeted way to the population most at risk. We use sophisticated predictive analytics based on claims, demographics, and HRA data.
Broad Awareness
Broad Awareness
We also need to reach those suffering in silence. We tailor campaigns to your population, using mailers, email, onsite marketing, and engagement of frontline stakeholders such as H&S.
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