Online physical therapy and much more for joint and muscle pain

Get relief from your joint or muscle pain with digital physical therapy and more from Hinge Health

At Hinge Health, online physical therapy allows our members to see a licensed physical therapist via video visit in our app. Whenever, and wherever they need it — from the comfort of their home or in-between meetings on a busy day. 

If you’re struggling with joint or muscle pain, our program can help you:

  • Get pain relief with a personalized exercise therapy plan 

  • Stay on track and reach your program goals with dedicated 1-on-1 support from your care team

  • Build healthy movement habits and put yourself first with convenient exercise sessions in the Hinge Health app

It’s important to know that the goals and treatment approaches used in a physical therapy program, in-person or virtually, will vary depending on your specific condition and needs. A thorough assessment by a qualified physical therapist will help determine the most appropriate treatment plan tailored to your unique situation.

How you can connect with a Hinge Health physical therapist

To connect with a Hinge Health physical therapist, you need to be eligible for our program. This means you must be covered through your employer or health plan for Hinge Health.

Members of our program are able to schedule online physical therapy visits with our physical therapists at no additional cost to them — without worrying about copays or surprise costs.  In addition, referrals aren’t required for most members.*

$0 Cost to you

Looking for pain relief? Check if your employer or health plan covers our program

Join more than 800K members and over 1,700 companies that trust Hinge Health to get relief.

During a video visit, a physical therapist may:

Hinge Health virtual physical therapy session
Listen to your concerns and answer your questions
Make recommendations to help you reach your goals
Introduce new exercises or adjust existing exercises based on your progress

What’s great about connecting with a Hinge Health physical therapist virtually is that we provide a variety of appointment times so it works better for you. We believe you shouldn’t have to adjust your schedule to get the care you need. It’s easier to get the relief you need with Hinge Health. There are no in-person visits or commutes!

Get to know our physical therapists

We have an amazing group of accomplished physical therapists who provide digital physical therapy through the Hinge Health app. Here are some of their stories.

Justin DePermentier, PT, DPT

Providing virtual physical therapy through Hinge Health allows me to be more creative in my treatment approaches. I have access to multiple technology-enabled tools to create personalized treatment approaches through education and exercise therapy.

Crystal Best, PT, DPT

I get to work with many members with various backgrounds and demographics who I would never be able to connect with in a traditional in person setting. It's exciting to be able to educate the masses on the benefits of physical therapy.

Samantha Charlotin, PT, DPT

Being able to work with women's health members virtually has been extremely rewarding. It provides a space to provide education, encouragement, and empowerment to women who have spent years just "dealing with" or being told "they are normal."

See what our members are saying about Hinge Health

"After all the PT I've had this is by far the best way for me. I don't have to schedule appointments, take time off from work, and pay a lot of money. I have had "home PT" to alleviate those issues, but wouldn't follow through. This mobile app model works so well."


"I am proud of being able to maintain the program! I've been through physical therapy many times and it didn't work. While I continue to struggle with pain and stiffness, Hinge has taught me a better way to cope with my pain. I feel good because I am able to do more."


"There's a lot of moving pieces in my life right now when it comes to my mental and physical health. Hinge is another tool in my tool box. It's a good tool. It's free, and I don't have to go anywhere. You can't beat that!!!"


Frequently asked questions about Hinge Health

*Referrals are required for members in Mississippi and Alabama.