Pain relief without leaving home

Virtual physical therapy can help you get immediate pain relief, from the comfort of your home.

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Average reduction in pain per participant1
Average reduction in depression and anxiety1
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The benefits of a digital program for joint and muscle pain

Table showing a comparison of benefits offered by Hinge Health vs traditional programs
Get treatment on your terms, on your schedule and location
Personalized treatment program to get you feeling your best
High tech-care with a human touch

Meet the physical therapists that build your custom program

We have an amazing group of accomplished physical therapists who provide digital physical therapy through the Hinge Health app. Here are some of their stories.

Justin DePermentier, PT, DPT

Providing virtual physical therapy through Hinge Health allows me to be more creative in my treatment approaches. I have access to multiple technology-enabled tools to create personalized treatment approaches through education and exercise therapy.

Crystal Best, PT, DPT

I get to work with many members with various backgrounds and demographics who I would never be able to connect with in a traditional in person setting. It's exciting to be able to educate the masses on the benefits of physical therapy.

Samantha Charlotin, PT, DPT

Being able to work with women's health members virtually has been extremely rewarding. It provides a space to provide education, encouragement, and empowerment to women who have spent years just "dealing with" or being told "they are normal."

Welcome to virtual Physical Therapy

See how a virtual PT program can help you manage pain and live a healthier life

See how a virtual PT program can help you manage pain and live a healthier life

Welcome to virtual Physical Therapy

See how a virtual PT program can help you manage pain and live a healthier life

See how a virtual PT program can help you manage pain and live a healthier life

No matter where you have pain, we have you covered

Our exercise therapy programs treat joint and muscle pain from head to toe.
  • Neck & Upper Back
    Reduce stress in your neck and upper back to improve your posture and range of motion.
  • Shoulders
    Relieve pain and stiffness in your shoulders to easily lift your arms and reach behind you.
  • Elbows, Forearms, Wrists & Hands
    Improve joint stability in your elbows and relieve tension to keep your wrists and hands flexible.
  • Lower Back & Hips
    Strengthen muscles from your lower back to your hips to sit, stand, and move with greater stability.
  • Pelvic region
    Reduce pelvic pain, improve bladder and bowel control, increase pelvic and core muscle strength and control.
  • Thighs & Knees
    Build strength in your thighs and knees to improve flexibility and increase your mobility.
  • Shins & Calves
    Strengthen and restore calf muscle strength to help treat and prevent shin splints and reduce pain.
  • Ankles & Feet
    Reduce pain, improve your balance, and build muscle to better support your ankles and feet.

How can Hinge Health help you?

We help you take control of your pain, recover from injury, and even prepare for surgery. We've built human-powered technology that fits into your busy life.

Virtual Physical Therapy

Pain relief, prevention, and recovery through a virtual physical therapy program.

Care where/when you need

Access to on-demand therapy videos and stretches targeted for your area of pain.

$0 cost to you

No cost to you. No referrals needed. Better health, without the hassle. Paid for by your employer or benefit plan. *

$0 Cost to you

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