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Person sitting on the floor, hand gesture

Hinge Health reviews from our members

It surprised me that it just took building strength to make a huge change in my outlook. I used to dread going out because walking was difficult and I always had to find somewhere to sit. Now I can go out more with my husband and do things we enjoy. I realized I was probably depressed and didn't know it. Thank you and Hinge Health for making this change happen!

Dona G., Hinge Health member 

Knowing the exercises help my knee feel better in everyday life gives me the push to do them more. I'm focusing on hitting my goal of getting in more sessions per week. My knee pain while sitting down can sometimes be very extreme, but the sessions seem to be helping me a lot with that and more.

Terry A., Hinge Health member

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Average reduction in pain per participant²

Susan, Hinge Health Member
I was able to stand up on concrete for almost the entire Taylor Swift concert! I even did some subtle Hinge Health exercises between songs where I was standing, such as calf raises.

Movement is medicine

Hinge Health members who do at least three sessions a week reduce their pain on average by

  • 32% after one week

  • 44% after three weeks 

  • 58% after six weeks

*2019 internal analysis of Hinge Health data on chronic knee and back program participants.

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1. App rating on Apple and Google Play Stores
2. After 12 weeks, in a study of chronic knee and back program participants. Bailey JF, et al. Digital Care for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: 10,000 Participant Longitudinal Cohort Study. J Med Internet Res 2020;22(5):e18250