Tapping Your Strengths For a Better Day

Let’s start with a daydream. When you let your mind drift off to a time when you were your best self, what do you see? Here are a few ways to start thinking about your best self:

  • What are three words that describe you at your best? Maybe words like “strong,” “active,” or “calm” come to mind.
  • Think back to a time when you overcame something tough. Think of three words or phrases that describe the strengths you had that helped you get through that time. (ex: faith, determination, friends)
  • When you think about your health/pain now, fill in the following blanks on a piece of paper or in a journal:
  • If I used my __ to work on my health/pain now, it would help me __. "If I used my faith to work on my health/pain now it would help me remember that I’m never alone."
  • Or, "If I used my friends to work on my health/pain now, it would help me have accountability."
  • Now let’s apply those phrases to your life: “If I remember I’m never alone, and ask my friends for help, I’m on the right track to feeling/being ___again. (Ex: active, calm, supported, stronger, happier)

You can now use this as a recipe for progress. Practice repeating, writing, or meditating on the sentence you created above.

Your coach is a great person to share your recipe for success with. In your health log note, tell your coach what your recipe is so they can root for you too!

Mentally better