Join Hinge Health Groups!

What are Hinge Health Groups?

You already know Hinge Health is an app that offers gentle stretching routines to help ease your pain and get you moving more. But there's a fantastic Hinge Health feature you may not know about -- yet: our community Groups.

Hinge Health members who are part of our Groups rave about them. In fact, they tend to stick with our program much longer (and may experience longer-lasting pain-relief benefits) than those who don't. 

So, are you curious about getting involved with our Groups? Learn more here:

Click on the Groups tab in your Hinge Health app to get started. There is a Group Guide (a dedicated Hinge Health employee) in each Group that posts weekly topics for discussion. You’ll know you have new content waiting for you when there is a red dot on your Groups tab.

What Groups Should I Join? 

  • When you join Hinge Health, you get access to your own personal group. My Hinge Health Group is a small group of members who are in the same program as you and joined around the same time, so you can truly go through your journey together.

  • You can also join other groups based on your hobbies or topics you care about. Tap on "Explore" to find other Open Groups, such as:

    • Healthy Eating

    • Runners

    • Stress Less

    • Getting Active

    • Weight Loss

    • Celebrate Your Wins

    • Yoga for All

    • Meditation for All

    • Pain Talk

    • 55+

    • Weight Training

    • March: Healthy Eating Challenge - 30 days

    • April: Meditation Challenge - 30 days

    • May: Step Into Summer Challenge (playlist + walking goal) 

When do I use Groups? Is it part of my playlist?

You can use Groups whenever you want! Try checking in as a motivational “warm up” before your exercises, or afterward to cool down and connect. You can log into groups throughout the day, even if you’re not planning to exercise at that time. Many members post for accountability and find friendships along the way. It’s a perfect place to ask questions and share experiences. Groups is an open house, so stop by anytime to give and receive support. 

Why we Love Groups: The Astounding Science

Groups is a place to ask questions, celebrate progress, and  brainstorm solutions to challenges. Fun fact: Research shows that people who have support partners are 65% more likely to reach their goals. Among people who regularly check in with others, that number skyrockets to 95%. Having a community of support while we take on challenges can be encouraging. Knowing you are not alone can spark hope for the future.

What “Hinge Health” Members Say

"I think the group brings a human side to the program. Instead of just running an app on my device and doing exercises, it makes a difference knowing that other people are going through the program at the same time.”

"I like responding and also reading what other people have to say. It makes you feel like you’re not alone in your efforts. That makes you feel good to know others are with you and are struggling right alongside you."

Having a group of people who are struggling with the same challenges and striving for the same goals is inspirational to me and helps motivate me. Left to my own devices, I can become lazy and not always have the motivation to press on. But knowing this community is here to support and encourage me makes me want to do better. It also makes me want to give back to the community and encourage others in the community to keep working at it and to know that we’re all in this together.”

"I think this group is inspiring!! So good to hear all your stories. It feels less like I’m in it alone. I support you all and hope this will be life-changing for all of us.”

“Knowing there are others out there going through the same things helps me feel less alone and keeps me motivated. Whether people talk or not I know they are out there and we are all working towards a common goal.”

Got Questions?

Learn more here: Groups FAQs