Groups FAQs

Can I create my own post or can I only reply to the Group Guide?

You can only reply in your “My Hinge Health Group” however,  you are able to create your own post and reply in all Topic and Challenge-Based Groups. Just tap on “Write a new post” and get the conversation started! 

How can I find my posts?

The “Recent Posts” section is found in the bottom portion of the Groups area, and displays recent activity in the Groups you have joined. It shows new posts from all your Groups in chronological order of all of the groups you have joined. 

Are there any Groups guidelines or rules? 

Groups is a non-judgmental place where everyone is welcome. We respect and encourage everyone’s unique opinion and perspective. Share what works for yo, while honoring others' viewpoints. Read our Guidelines by clicking on any Group and tapping on the three dots top right. 

Do I have to use Groups? 

You can participate at your level of comfort, whether commenting or browsing, all are welcome. For many, it can be helpful to have a place to ask questions, celebrate progress, brainstorm challenges, and just knowing you’re not alone can spark hope and inspiration. 

Can I leave a group once I join? 

Yes, you can leave, or rejoin, any topic based Group at any time. Simply tap on the group and click “leave the group.”  You cannot leave the My Hinge Health Group. However, you do not have to participate.

How do I change my name in the app?

That’s a great question! Just let your Group Guide know what name you would prefer to be called and they will get that changed for you.

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