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 We're a diverse and potent team of scientists, medical professionals & engineers on a mission to tackle one of the toughest issues facing healthcare today. 

Daniel Perez  CEO / Co-founder

Daniel Perez
CEO / Co-founder

With a long personal history of MSK injuries including several leg surgeries, Dan has long been passionate about improving outcomes for musculoskeletal disorders. Originally from Miami, Dan pursued a PhD in the medical sciences at the University of Oxford, founding the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable and OneStart, the world’s largest healthcare accelerator program. As CEO, Dan brings startup technology experience and healthcare expertise to Hinge Health.

Gabriel Mecklenburg  COO / Co-founder MA, MSc, MPhil

Gabriel Mecklenburg
COO / Co-founder
MA, MSc, MPhil

Ever since a ligament tear ended his days on the Judo mat, Gabriel has been passionate about joint health. Originally from Germany, Gabriel graduated top of his class at the University of Cambridge and went on to research musculoskeletal regenerative medicine at Imperial College London. As Co-founder and COO, Gabriel brings clinical research and experience to the deployment of Hinge Health’s care pathways.

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