About Us

Pioneering the world’s most patient-centered Digital Clinic

Meet the Team

We're a diverse and potent team of scientists, medical professionals & engineers on a mission to tackle one of the toughest issues facing healthcare today.
Daniel Perez
CEO / Co-founder
With a long personal history of MSK injuries including several leg surgeries, Dan has long been passionate about improving outcomes for musculoskeletal disorders. Originally from Miami, Dan pursued a PhD in the medical sciences at the University of Oxford. As CEO, Dan brings startup technology experience and healthcare expertise to Hinge Health.
Gabriel Mecklenburg
President / Co-founder
Ever since a ligament tear ended his days on the Judo mat, Gabriel has been passionate about joint health. Originally from Germany, Gabriel graduated top of his class at the University of Cambridge and went on to research musculoskeletal regenerative medicine at Imperial College London. As Co-founder and President, Gabriel brings clinical research and operations experience to the execution of Hinge Health's vision.


Dr. Jeff Krauss, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Physician, researcher, technologist. Board certified in PM&R and Lifestyle Medicine. Clinical Assistant Professor (affiliated) at Stanford.
Ron Will
Chief Financial Officer
Michigan & Tuck School of Business, finance geek, crossfitter for the past decade.
Margaret Dowling, MPH
VP, Clinical Engagement
Michigan Masters in Public Health, spec. Health Behavior, CA native.
Erin Wilson
VP, Sales
Stanford & Tuck School of Business. Led Knewton Global Business Dev. Bay Native.
Chris Forst
VP, Enterprise Sales
Ole Miss MBA, healthcare startup sales leader, Florida native.
Christine Chen
VP, Marketing
Wharton MBA, Johns Hopkins Neuroscience, Product Launch & BD at J&J, pug aficionado
Joshua Sturm
VP, Partnerships
Soccer, hiking, hanging with my three kids.
David Wood
VP, Legal
Bay Area native; 1 wife, 2 dogs, 3 kids; outlets include softball and skiing. Go Blue!
Kevin Davis
Associate VP, Client Success
CO & MN native, new to SF. Marathoner, skier, and lover of the outdoors.
Barbora Podzimkova
Director, Operations
Loves beating the odds in business and mountaineering.
Marc Cull
Senior Director, Engineering
MA Linguistics, CU Boulder. Colorado roots. Dad. Dog whisperer.
Julián Díaz
NY native, cyclist, strong OPSEC and full-stack hacker.
Conrad Wai
VP, Product and Design
Previously: Yahoo, Google, startups, VC, design + strategy consulting, Stanford CS + HCI.
Matt Barthelemy
Head of Design
Ex-Fitbit/Method/frog designer + maker. CA native. Love travel, film, design, and sharing an Eichler with our kids and nutty dog.


Dr. Emily Haynes, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist
I have a passion for health and fitness and love helping others on their journey to a healthier life.
Christine Binko
Senior Education Manager
MA in Integrative Health. Find me in the ocean or on the dance floor.
Dr. Carole Spradling, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist
California girl, yoga warrior, newly avid backpacker and climber.
Dr. Claire Morrow, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist
Classically trained violist turned physical therapist. Northwestern wildcat. Cat lady. Foodie.
Dr. Claudia Canales, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist
I enjoy powerlifting/strength training and only do cardio because I hear it is good for me.
Dr. Dulce Bhatt, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist
Wife, mother of 2, loves good surprises, spontaneous, loves to travel, foodie.
Dr. Dylan Peterson, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist
Minnesota native, mountain transplant, trail runner seeking wildflowers.
Dr. Egil Quam, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist
I'm usually found skiing, hiking, gaming, or most recently, playing my new obsession—disc golf.
David Casey
Clinical Resource Associate
University of Kansas BSE Sports Science. Certified personal trainer. Kansas City native.
Dr. Grace Wang, PhD, MPH
Director, Clinical Research
Live in Seattle. Public health researcher. Mom. Chinese-American. Prefer beaches to mountains.
Dr. Jonathan Ide-Don, DPT
Director, Staff Physical Therapists
PT, Father, Husband, UCLA & UCSF Alum. Runner & Lifter.
Dr. Kelsey Quam, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist
Mountain adventure enthusiast, aspiring gardener and everyday chef, loves to travel.
Dr. Kristen Kiernan, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist
I love spending time with my family and staying active through running and yoga to counteract my other great joy: baking!
Dr. Nisharag Shah, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist
Coffee lover, avid hiker, third place seeker.
Dr. Ryan Sharkey, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist
Midwesterner adventuring in the NW. Loves hiking, skiing, and basketball.
Dr. Uju Onyilagha, DPT
Staff Physical Therapist
I love to travel and brunch with my husband and best friends.
Kathleen Egan, NBC-HWC
Education Content Manager
Registered Dietitian, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, coffee fanatic, dog lover.



Nathan Swartley
Director, Product
Bay Area native, digital health veteran, mountain enthusiast.
Sparsh Agarwal
Director, Product
Finally making up for being the only non-doctor in my family. Squash enthusiast and travel (and points) geek
Lynn Wang
Director, Product Management
MBA by way of biomedical engineering, behavior change nerd, and lover of the beach and cheesy party games.
Simon Hunter, PhD
Director, Product
Physics PhD, all the way from England.
Chuck Pletcher
Director, Product
University of Michigan alum. Loves hockey, live theatre, and LEGOs. Fueled by coffee.
Rose Kinsella
Senior Product Manager
Masters in Engineering, Biochemical Engineering.
Diana Frantti
Product Manager
Clinical and digital health background, enjoying sunshiny SF winters.
Kevin Dukovic
Associate Product Manager
Northwestern alum, basketball lover, chronic pain hater.
Tessa Tran Ross
Growth Marketing Manager
Pasta snob, slow long-distance runner, queer space organizer
Lauren Dobias
Growth Marketer
Midwest native, temporary Austinite, outdoor adventurer, music enthusiast.


Avigail Remak
Senior Product Designer
Design, music, podcasts & plants.
Drew Briscoe
Senior Product Designer
Designer, illustrator, and educator. Music, dog, and plant enthusiast.
Ginelle DeAntonis
Visual Designer
Boston native. Lover of traveling, live music, cooking, yoga, dogs, and sunshine!
Jenny Ng
Visual Designer
SF Native, traveler, food explorer, stationery fiend, and book collector.
Meredith Lyon
Visual Designer/Illustrator
Raised in New Mexico. I love starting new hobbies (hello stained glass and pasta making) and watching Snowy Plovers on the beach.
Sarah Gottfried
Lead Product Designer
Native Ohioan, doughnut lover, and opera fan! Love to talk design, fitness, and debate the best BBQ.
Stephanie Yee
Principal Visual Designer
Dark chocolate fanatic. Serial baker. CoreFit warrior. Love learning from my two boys and riding down a snowy mountain.
Teagan Daly
Product Designer
Designer. Loves nature, film, and breakfast foods.


Johnny Dickinson
Senior Software Engineer
Engineer. Enjoys tennis, hiking, music.
Alex Ziegler
Technical Lead
Loves studying paradigms more than languages. Enjoys boardgames, hikes, and rooting for UCLA.
Ali Watters
Head of Platform Engineering
Outdoors, tech, craft, dad. Originally from the UK, happily stranded in Portland.
Amanda Gellhouse
Manager, Applications Engineering
Born in Sweden and raised in Alaska. Enjoys Pilates, rock climbing, and bullet journals.
Amber Cyr
Software Engineer
Former scientist, enjoys coding, learning new things, animals, and nature.
Andrew Matuszewski
Senior Software Engineer
Born in Toronto, Canada. Love to cycle, swim, anything outdoors, music. Passionate about comp-sci learning.
Arion Sprague
Technical Lead
Oregon native with a stint in SF. Back in PDX to eat, hike, dance, and enjoy life.
Asmita Kularni
Sr. Data Analyst
Passionate about data, visualizations! New to the Bay! Loves dance, painting and coffee.
Bosco So
Senior Staff Engineer
Former Presidential Innovation Fellow, survived many startups, avid cyclist. MIT CS.
Callan Bush
Software Engineer
Aussie Full Stacker. Passionate about empowering people with technology, and Vegemite.
Chris Chu
Software Engineer
SoCal native, BU alum, clinical research at Harvard-MGH/Shriners. <3 Sportsball.
Dave Doolin, PhD
Head of Operations Engineering
PhD Civil Engineering UC Berkeley.
Fabien Demangeat
Senior Software Engineer
Masters CS/Engineering in France.
Ginson Wong
Software Engineer
SF Native. Loves all things tech, food, and volleyball.
Harmeet Hora
Data Analyst
Bay Area native. Industrial engineer turned data nerd. Lover of coffee, tacos, and jet setting.
Jesse Carter
Staff Software Engineer
Bay Area native and data enthusiast. Enjoys surfing or skiing on the weekends.
Joe Palmieri
Software Engineer
Vegas native. Likes building pretty things via coding and woodworking.
Johannus Vogel
Manager, Applications Engineering
Purdue alumni, loves data science, algorithms, making generative art and reading.
Alexandar Castaneda
Software Engineer
Been a teacher, an entertainer, a businessman and many more but mostly justa curious country kid staring at the Milky Way.
Josh Leichtung
Head of Application Engineering
Dog owner, music nerd, hiker, home cook.
Kai Middleton
Software Engineer
Enthusiast of programming, dogs, yoga, math, hiking, parrots, and gardening.
Kate Dameron
Software Engineer
Native Oklahoman, dog/cat mom, hiker, art maker, and enjoys baking the occasional healthy (or not) treat.
Kevin Hartwig
Senior Software Engineer
Oregonian, outdoor, sports and nacho enthusiast.
Kirk Elifson
Senior Software Engineer
UCF alumni, Hack@UCF co-founder, likes traveling, reading, attending concerts.
Mathias Schmutz
Software Engineer
Bay area native. Love being outside and active.
Matthew Gray
Senior Software Engineer
Born and raised in the San Jose. Construction Worker turned Software Engineer. I like trashy food.
Michael McDaniels
Data Engineer
SoCal native. Podcast and fitness enthusiast. Lifelong learner.
Michael Wroblewski
Software Engineer
Oregon native, musician, outdoors and baksetball enthusiast, believes that pizza is the perfect food.
Nick Alston
Staff Engineer
Programming since I was 12. Love sports, love games, have 3 kids (love them too).
Robert Hill
Staff Engineer
An avid cyclist, climber, and outdoorsman with a passion for helping people build awesome products.
Sean Hellebusch
Technical Lead
Camping, backpacking, overall nature entusiast, husband, dog dad, fitness enthusiast, nerd.
Sebastian Henao
Software Engineer
Colombiano, futbol aficionado, borador caretaker.
Sona Beilarava
Software Engineer
Hiker, biker, adventurer. Belarusian software engineer.
Thien-Bach Huynh
Technical Lead
Boston terrier owner and VR enthusiast.
Tracy Burge
Staff Engineer
California native, skiier, baker, camper, sci-fi/fantasy nerd.
Travis Johnston
Senior Software Engineer
Avid snowboarder and design enthusiast. Originally from the NYC metro area, but now call Portland home.
Tyler Ferrin
Software Engineer
Design and music enthusiast who also loves snowboarding, waterskiing, running and my pug.


Client Success

Leland Linman
Sr. Manager, Client Success
KC native, coffee addict & Star Wars nerd.
Amy Gonser
Client Success Manager
Bay Area Native. Love exploring nature, traveling & singing karaoke. Go Bruins!
Becky Berry
Senior Director, Client Success
Wife, boymom x 2, nature loving, fitness enthusiast who couldn't live without cheese.
Coleen Farias
Client Success Manager
San Diego native, honorary Hoosier. Find me outside, eating, or reading.
Colleen Lofgren
Client Project Manager
Registered Dietitian, lover of all things green, rookie rock climber.
Darren Sun
Sr. Manager, Client Success
Lifting and board game enthusiast. Also really enjoys badminton, podcasts, and sandwiches.
Ashley Lachman
Director, Client Success
Born in Chicago. Raised in the Bay Area. Lover of cats, traveling, and catching up on the latest TV series.
Maggie Schoening
Sr. Manager, Client Success
Originally from MA, I've been in the Bay Area since 2017.
Megan Cable
Client Success Manager
Master's in medtech. Yogi & advocate of movement as medicine! Will never say no to sushi.
Pallavi Rao
Client Success Manager
Passionate about making a difference in people's lives. Loves reading and yoga.
Sonia Bernick
Client Success Manager
Morning person and lover of all things peanut butter. Passion for mario party & planning things.
Stephen Pompili
Senior Director, Client Success
Bay Area native, Boston College alum.


Brynn Bannach
RVP, Sales
University of Wisconsin—Madison grad. Healthcare sales leader. Minneapolis based.
David Severson
Director, Commercial Ops
Bay area native, sales ops and health care veteran, love the outdoors and spending time with my wife and kid.
Kelly Hogan
RVP, Enterprise Sales
Healthcare Leader, Villanova University Tennis Player, Two Active Sons
Marcus F. Brock
RVP, Mid-Market Enterprise Sales
Healthcare sales leader and Texas Christian University (TCU) Football Alum. Avid book reader, listener and runner. Dedicated to my faith, family and impacting others.
Melissa Ackerman
RVP, Sales
Chicagoland Resident, Health sales leader, Northwestern University grad.
Mike Gorfin
RVP, Sales
Experienced sales leader, Bentley University grad, 10+ yrs in healthcare, 3 awesome kids.
Nick Assad
RVP, Enterprise Sales
Washington, D.C. native, 15 Years in Healthcare, I love to run past all of the Memorials.
Nick Palmer
RVP, Mid-Market Enterprise Sales
KC native, avid sports fan, dad to three great kids. Always listening and trying to learn. 15+ years in Healthcare sales
Robbie Wellman
RVP, Mid-Market Enterprise Sales
SMU MBA. Healthcare startup leader. Dad to 2 amazing kids. Outdoor enthusiast. Colorado born and Texas raised.
Victoria Palmer, PharmD
RVP, Health Plan Sales
PharmD from CU Health Sciences Center, loves to ski and workout at OrangeTheory!!


Amanda Dharmadi
Marketing Associate
Bay Area native who thrives off new adventures, new foods, good company, good music, and dry humor.
Barbara Feuerstein
Marketing Manager
Boston native. Portuguese speaker. Avid reader. Persian cat lover.
Erik Eaton
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations
Living in Portland, amature DIYer, marketing technology enthusiast, cat dad, drummer!
Jennifer Juo
Director, Content Marketing
Lived on 4 continents, storyteller, travel junkie, dog lover, bookworm, extreme extrovert, wannabe dancer.
Marina Mastilovic
Marketing Associate
Travel junkie, red wine lover, and charcuterie board extrodinar. Likes to balance high intake of dark chocolate with moderate HIIT excercise.
Min-Jee Hwang
Director, Marketing
Carnegie Mellon and NYU Stern alum. Future samoyed owner (hopefully).
Sarah Lasker
Senior Marketing Manager
East coast transplant, outdoor & fitness fanatic, dog lover.
Vera Zlidenny
Director, Enterprise Marketing
California native, first gen American, avid traveler both local and afar. Love bike rides and crossing the Bay by ferry.


Ed Greenbaum
AVP, Partnerships & Business Development
30 years in large group brokerage/consulting. Maryland Native. Loves Family, Diet Coke and coaching baseball.
Kathy Webb
Senior Director, Partnerships & Business Development
Passionate about helping people live life to the fullest. Love yoga, water sports and photography.
Mel Ortiz
Director, Partnerships & Business Development
Native Oregonian, Karaoke Ninja, and Lover of Tacos and Bacon.
Rob Gregg
Director, Partnerships & Business Development
On a mission to make healthcare work better, Dot connector, Duke hoops fan.
Roy Steiner
Director, Partnerships & Business Development
Healthcare enthusiast. Bay Area native. Avid golfer.
Trish Lin
Director, Partnerships & Business Development
MHSA from University of Michigan, Registered Dietitian from Cornell, Certified yoga teacher.


Ayaz Manji
Head of Accounting
Originally from Toronto, married, avid international traveler and sports junky.
Lauren Runte
Sr. Talent Associate
NorCal Native who enjoys snowboarding, rock climbing, & Orange Theory. :) Will never say no to Sushi!
Amanda Godburn
Talent Partner
California Transplant, Pasta Addict, and Professional Dog Petter.
Brittany Beavers
Patient Operations Manager
Howard University Alum. Enjoys quality time with family, food and traveling the world.
Christina Kaldi
RCM Manager
A Greek with a huge sweet tooth. Loves to bake, lift heavy weights and spend all the time in the sun.
Darren Skolnick
Director, Compliance
New York City native, married, father, former roller coaster enthusiast.
James Jang
Recruiting Lead (Commercial)
Co-star fanatic, owns a dog named Percy, loves Wing Wednesdays.
Jennifer Sattavorn
Director, Accounting
Love working out, traveling, and I have one furbaby pittie. Goal to step foot at least once on every continent.
Jeremy Williams
IT Manager
Enjoys traveling, hiking with wife Erinn and dog Ace.
Jonathan Montes
Production Associate
San Francisco native, raised in the Mission District where I still live.
Katie Barrett
Implementation Manager
BS Health and Wellness Promotion, Dog Mom, Plant Lover & Hiker.
Audrey Meng
Manager, Operations & Strategy
Passionate about healthcare innovation. Enjoys biking, running, hiking, and being a dog mom!
Mayette Delos Santos
Recruiting Coordinator
Bay Area native, former Yelp Elite for 3 consecutive years and Beachbody enthusiast. I love camping and hiking, Mezcal margs, black coffee, and KBBQ!
Michelle Fu
Talent Associate
New England native, fitness, sports + travel enthusiast.
Mikel Jacinto
Associate, People Operations
Born in SoCal, raised in the Philippines. Lover of books, boba, and basketball!
Milana Shapira
Manager, Operations & Strategy
British/Bulgarian, lived in US, Germany, and UK. Culturally amorphous. Stanford MBA grad.
Natalie Hsieh
Payroll Manager
Born and raised in the Bay Area. Always had a love for numbers. Enjoy trying different Omakase spots.
Neethu Mariya Thomas
Supply Chain Manager
Ex Merchant Navy Officer, traveled to 38 countries in a span of 3 years
Raymond Byun
IT Support
Professional West Coast Swing Dancer, foodie and music lover.
Robert Barron
Finance Associate
Boston born nature junkie, ultimate frisbee player, and dumpling lover.
Sutha Mogun
Director, HR & Talent
Singaporean. Volleyball Enthusiast.
Sydney Chirls
Associate, Revenue Cycle Management
Born and raised in Brooklyn. Loves spinning, sushi, and nerdy books.
Vidya Chander
Director, Supply Chain
Laugher, dancer, film-goer, and cheese enthusiast. Stanford and MIT Engineering.


Karin Snyder
Health Coach
Philly resident, world traveler, foodie, slow runner, lover of combat sports, camping, hiking and naps!
Abby Blabolil, NBC-HWC
Health Coach
BS Kinesiology & Health conc. Psychology. Loves group exercise classes and Old Fashioned donuts.
Alanna Gibbs, NBC-HWC
Health Coach
NBC-HWC, RYT, eagerly awaiting adoption of a pup (Cavalier King Charles).
Alicia Dugdale
Health Coach
Certified Health Coach, Michigander, Enjoys being outside, camping, gardening & baking sweet treats.
Alicia Pranskunas
Health Coach
Australian, Occupational Therapist, travel enthusiast, dog mom.
Alison Mulvey, NBC-HWC
Health Coach
Midwest native, LCSW, hiking, live music, coffee, yoga, travel.
Allison Richards, NBC-HWC
Project Manager, Coaching Team
Nutrition/food geek. Loves biking, yoga, and strength training.
Alyssa Wendt
Health Coach
Elk Mtn Range dweller & coach fueled by early morning adventures, powder ski days, & too many Swedish Fish.
Amy Kurtz, NBC-HWC
Health Coach
Texan lost in Portland, wanderlust, hiking, Dallas Cowboys fanatic, lifter, MScN.
Amy Mattila, NBC-HWC
Health Coach
Screenwriter, coffee, Italian Greyhound lover, massage addict, podcasts, green thumb.
Angela Savitri
Health Coach
OT, yoga teacher, and health coach. Lover of learning, quiet, nature, and a good laugh!
Anna Frinzi, NBC-HWC
Health Coach
Mid-westerner all the way. From Wisconsin and currently living in Minneapolis. Huge Packer fan. Enjoys running, yoga, frequenting coffee shops in the area.