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Revolutionary pain relief that puts you in the driver's seat

Stop persistent back, knee, neck and other muscle or nerve pain from slowing you down. Get the Hinge Health Enso, and get relief when you need it.

Life-changing pain relief…in one little device.

Enso sends electric impulses through your skin to provide pain relief. Just attach the small wireless device, and run it for at least one hour. Together, your Hinge Health exercise program and Enso can help you stay active and reduce your pain.

If pain is holding you back, it's time for Enso.

“Enso dissipates the pain to where I'm not focused on my low back pain.”


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Get the support you want. Skip the side effects.

Enso is made to reduce muscle and nerve pain—without drugs or surgery.

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Change the way you manage pain. And focus on your life.