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Get access to an expert medical opinion at no cost

Make the best decisions about your care with your own team of expert orthopedic nurses and surgeons. With Hinge Health's Expert Medical Opinion (EMO) program, you don't even need to leave home.

Make informed decisions about your back and joint pain

Get a thorough understanding of your diagnosis and maximize your ability to recover. Hinge Health's whole-body approach to care looks beyond just physical causes, addressing emotional and lifestyle factors as well.

With your Hinge Health EMO, you can…

You can depend on Hinge Health’s expert care

“It was the EMO program that gave me peace of mind I needed”


Hinge Health member

Expert opinion, exceptional member experience.

of members feel more in control

of members feel more optimistic


What is the value of receiving an Expert Medical Opinion?

Do I need imaging or an appointment with a surgeon before an EMO?

Do I need to provide my records before the appointment?

What does an EMO involve?

How long does the EMO process take?

Are EMOs available for traumatic fractures?

Can I receive an EMO for a body part that I am not enrolled in Hinge Health for?

What if I already have surgery scheduled?

Take charge of your back and joint care