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Hinge Health is a coach-led digital program for chronic back and joint pain. The program digitally delivers sensor-guided exercise therapy, unlimited 1:1 health coaching, and personalized and interactive education.
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Hinge Health Overview
Learn why 4 in 5 employers with a digital MSK solution partner with Hinge Health.
Employer: Southern Company
“I wish all vendors could make implementation as easy as Hinge Health.”
Participant: Garry
“I’m not going to have surgery because of what I’ve learned through Hinge Health.”
Vail Resorts
Benefits Director Grady Arnold shares how they saved $1.5M by reducing surgeries.
Clinical Study
Large-scale MSK Study
Outcomes from 10,000+ Hinge Health participants, including 2 out of 3 surgeries avoided.
White Paper
Chronic MSK Pain & Depression
Holistic interventions help tackle the co-morbid conditions of MSK pain and mental health.

You’re in Good Company

MSK pain doesn’t discriminate. See how other Health & Benefits leaders are successfully tackling high MSK spend while helping their diverse workforces overcome chronic MSK pain.
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