Convenient Care for Workers in the Field

Convenient Care for Workers in the Field


When Pain Brings Anxiety

Daniel, a Field Specialist for Southern Company, began to feel tightness in his back 3 years ago. It worsened to the point where he had to slide out of bed because he couldn’t sit up. Daniel was going to be a first-time father of twins and he felt anxiety that his pain would leave him disabled and unable to provide for his family. He also worried that he wouldn’t be able to pick up his children or give them the attention they deserved.

Living Without Pain

Daniel heard about Hinge Health from his employer and was interested in a digital solution that could fit into his unpredictable schedule. After 8 months, Daniel’s pain is almost completely gone, he doesn’t need a chiropractor anymore, and he’s free to move without thinking twice about moves that used to cause him pain. In the field, Daniel’s job involves a lot of bending and crawling. Now he has peace of mind knowing he can do his job for years to come.
I can now do my job and play with my kids — without fear of pain.
Daniel G.
Back program user
Daniel G.

Life-changing outcomes

69% reduction in pain
45% reduction in lost work days
58% reduction depression
two thirds of surgeries avoided
Fortune 200 Energy Company


Fortune 200 Energy Company




  • Diverse workforce
  • Difficult to engage, 
dispersed workforce across 18 states
  • 15% of medical 
spend was MSK

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